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2009 Mazda Mazda6 (5 Reviews)
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This car is amazing. I had the same problem with the key not working when starting the car, then I realized it was a simple batter replacement for the remote. Apparently those things barely last two years. It is annoying but an easy fix.

My BIG problem has been the alarm going off randomly. I have taken it to the dealer several times and they did not know what was wrong. I thought it could have been the door latch since i noticed my open door light would come on occassionally while i was driving, but they claimed that was fixed. I finally had a fit and took it back again, the dealer said it was the door actuators on the back doors, but of course they reccommend replacing all four, just in case. To my surprise, it would cost me $450 per door to fix, thats $1800, NO WAY!!!

I am a proud Mazda owner, so i called Mazda's corporate office in California. They claimed to never have heard of this problem, because no one else reports the issue to them. I tried to get them to issue a recall, but not enough complaints. I finally got them to cover half of the cost at warranty price. Now it will only cost me approximately $400 to fix the issue. I have not fixed it yet, but i am hopeful the issue is resolved.

Love my car to death but I am ready to switch over to a regular car that has a regular key to put inside of a regular ignition and regularly start like all the other regular cars did before this upgraded irregular push start crap. Car responds to open door, lock door, pop trunk, and sound alarm all of which are located on the remote. The problem is, my car wont start at all. Paid a mobile mechanic for nothing and ended up towing it to a Mazda dealership. The mechanic says the car doesn't recognize the key which is causing the car to lock itself while the dealership says they don't know what's wrong. The brake pedal wont depress and the start button is red. So they are ordering new keys to reprogram them to the car and charging me $600 to do so. Is this right? I am screaming recall for electrical/technical problems on their part. Also this car sucks on gas.
The electrical system on my 2009 Mzda 6 has been an absolute nightmare. When we first purchased the car, the remote key lock wouldn't work at all, and you couldn't lock the doors (even manually). The car was at the dealer for 6 days while they tried to firgure it out -- ultimately they fixed that particular problem. Since then, however, the wireless ignition system has become unreliable -- about half the time it won't work at all, so we have to use the key. The locks aren't working again, and now the accessory ower plugs don't work at all. The dealer, of course, is stumped and now refuses to honor the warranty (we went over the 36,000 mile limit beofre the problems were fixed).
I have a 2009 mazda 6 as well and I am having the same problem with the car alarm going off. The battery is good and I have tried looking it up online and I havnt had any luck. I called the dealership and they cant tell me anyhting.
I have a 2009 Mazda6 Grand Touring, Besides all the troubles
I have had with the brakes, now my car alarm goes off for no
good reason. I have taken it to the dealer, they suggested I have the battery checked, a low battery can make the alarm go off. I took it somewhere else and had a new battery installed.
The alarm is still going off, does anyone know what my problem may be? Any help would be appreciated.