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2006 Mazda Mazda6 (7 Reviews)
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I have truly enjoyed owning my 2006 Mazda6i Hatchback. I've been able to move a lot of things in this car including a 6 foot metal storage rack fully assembled with the hatchback closed. It does have pretty amazing space for a car. With that said, I am highly ticked off regarding all of the repairs I've had to have done since I drove it brand new off the lot in 2006. I dropped it off this morning at the dealership because I was having problems with my headlights and turn signals. So besides having to spend over $500 to replace a headlight (seriously?!), I also have to have the body control module replaced yet again. Yes, you heard me right ... AGAIN. I just had it replaced on 9/13/11 because the locks and turn signals weren't working. I am so upset. This will be the last Mazda I own.
Just dropped $700 on installation of new body control module. Turn signal froze on, auto locks did not work, security horn would go on for no reason. Dealer said grommet was out (which mechanic said must be pulled out, won't just come out on its own) & water leaked in & shorted bcm out. However, no one was in dashboard to pull out grommet. Non-dealer mechanic did research to find that others have had the same problem & issue is leak from windshield area (i.e., design defect).
so far its been a good car they just need to make basic maintence on the car much easier i would like to meet the genuis who decided that you have to take the entire bumper off to replace one of the most common things that go out,a headlight,and also check engine lights that pop on for no reason, if its cold it tends to start up and sputter then it just dies
Just paid off my used 2006 Mazda 6. I just recently had to replace all 4 brakes. My headliner is coming down, talked to the Tallahassee dealer and called the 800# for Mazda they said too bad. I didn't have them do my maintenance but took it to other places closer to where I live so they won't do anything about it. Last week, I smelled burning oil after I had my oil changed, now my a/c doesn't work? Headlights are weird, can't see very well in the dark unless the brights are on. Before this car I had a Nissan Quest for over 12 years - most reliable car I have ever had. Would I buy another Mazda - Nope. Wish I had bought a Nissan.
need to replace waterpump on a 2006 mazda 6 but dont know how to remove. how do you take off and replace waterpump 2006 mazda 6
Bought an 06 V6 6s in 09 with 38k on the clock. The car now has 75k. In summary, been a reliable and good 4 door car that has never let me down. Reliability is a step down from Toyota and Honda, but especially on the used market, an amazing deal for what you receive.

Good Point on the V6 version:
Engine is smooth and likes to rev.
Manual tranny is good, but the 4 cylinder version is better (we have a Mazda5 manual also with that drivetrain).
Interior is well laid out and ergonomics are excellent, but hard plastics abound.
Auto Climate control works well and worth the upgrade.
Front and side airbags including rear side.
More places to store things than any car I've owned.
Bose stereo is decent, but hard to upgrade.

The Bad.
V6 is torqueless until 3500 RPM. You really need to rev the snot out of it for real acceleration.
Interior is snap tight cheap. Spent a few months tracking down a noise in the A arm airbag for a few months.
Front rotors warp, annoying.

Since I use this mainly for long distances, it fits the bill. Items on the 6 to look out for is the PCV valve mentioned and also the pre-cats can disintegrate and get sucked back into the engine on 05 and earlier V6 models. New engine required and really nothing you can do to avoid.
Bought used 2006 Mazda 6 with a 6spd auto/slapstick. drove great on test drive. checked car fax and all ok. took it on highway for first time 4 days later and slips out of 6th gear back into neautral. This is an auto. after that, it keeps slipping in/out of 4th, 5th, and 6th until engine cools down for several hours. Dealer said too bad (3 weeks out of warranty). I'm trying to trade it in now since I don't want to pay for a new tranny. Too bad. It's a nice ride.