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2004 Mazda Mazda6 (12 Reviews)
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I fell in love with my Mazda 6 as soon as I saw it. I bought it used with 93,000 miles. I bought a warranty from the dealer. It was a First Automotive Service Corporation, 100,000. I was gentle and kept maintenance, oil changes as i was told to do. I was told it would cover internal engine, transmission . I am in total despair now. The catalytic converter went out no warning at 120,000, blew the engine. Bad Mazda converter. The warranty was a fraud and will not cover the engine failure even though it is internal lubricate parts. I now have a beautiful yard ornament that I am paying 209.00 a month for...Yea Mazada
I bought this car from the dealer with 10k miles on it, since then have put 280,000 miles on it. It must have been a demo because it had only been titled to the dealership. Have done very little other than routine maintenance. Oil changed and fluids checked religiously every 3000-3200 miles (monthly in my case). Have replaced normal wear items, brakes, tires, filters, light bulbs. Had it to the dealer 3 times - repl a power pack (2009), front wheel bearing (2010), & belt tensioner for the water pump (2012). In all this has been a GREAT car, must have been built on a Wednesday or something. Has been very reliable and I put a lot of miles on it. It is starting to look it's age, but who wouldn't. I love my Mazda.
I have had this car for 6 years, I don’t drive it much but have had some problems with the engine, cartelist converter, brakes and now the lights. You get no reflection when driving at night, it seems like your lights are off but they not. Bad choice of car.
Great car. Bought new with 6 miles on it. I now have 129000+ on it. My tensioner belt froze up and caused the a/c to shut down and i kept driving and the heater hose split. I was on a trip out of town also the A/T and TCS Off light and engine light came on. This could have been avoided if i would have had the tensioner and belt replaced at 100,000 miles. 7 years and counting. I would recommend buying brand new. Cost was almost $800. Do you maint and you should be ok
I currently own a 2004 Mazda 6S with the upgraded sport package. V6 engine, 5 spd manual transmission, 17" alloy wheels, front, rear facias with side skirts and rear spoiler. Got the Bose audio system upgrade with the sunroof. Black exterior color with black interior and cloth seats.

In short, this car KICKS ASS! I read reports of people having transmission problems or complaining about batteries and brake issues. I have put 106,000 miles on this car and it has been a dream to own (and I am an on the road field sales manager in up state NY) I have had normal maintenance on the car. The Bridgestone tires that the dealer had on the car got burned up pretty quickly with the weight of the car and the speeds I travel. I upgraded the tires to directional tread Potenza high performance tires for my 17" rims and the difference is astounding. Over 50K miles on these tires and they are just starting to get to the point where I think i will need to replace them next year. Snow tires are a must on this car. Blizzak is the best and are the only snows I would ever purchase. I have run snow tires in the winter for the 6 years I have owned the car and am able to travel the posted speed limit while AWD vehicles are either in the ditch or are not able to sustain any speed whatsoever on clear highways with regular tires.

At around 25,000 miles I had a wheel bearing go bad in the front driver's side wheel, battery replacement twice (bought 6 year battery this past time), couple of fog lamps, tires and brakes/rotors. The brakes are the only thing that concerns and disappoints me about the car. i go through brakes way to much and I utilize the stick to slow down the car. I don't tailgate and with driving on 55 mph roads 90% of the time, the brakes should last longer. Any thoughts on brake system upgrades would be awesome! I used to own a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am GT and never went through brakes prior to 40K miles on them. Now I go through them in 1/2 that time or less on some. Big problem in my book.

Interior is comfortable and spacious for a 189 pnd guy. Performance is off the charts. Leave a lot of the more expensive Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, import vehicles in the dust. The car looks great and totally recommend auto armor protectant. Biggest selling point is safety. I got rear ended by a F150 when i was at a red light in Syracuse, NY and other than some back soreness my wife and I recovered just fine. Truck hit us doing 40 mph on wet roads and was paying more attention to the girl next to him than what was in front of him. I could even drive the car to the dealer up the road with no squeaks or moans and groans from the car.

What upset me with Mazda was the fact that they redesigned the car, gave it a 50 horsepower upgrade and took the manual option for United States versions of the car. Stupid! Bring back the Manual Transmission and i will buy another one! Hands down the best vehicle we have owned. My wife just purchased a 2010 Ford Fusion SEL that was built off of the 2004 Mazda 6 chassis and it rides and performes just like my Mazda. All you Ford haters should sit up and take notice of a great brand in both Mazda and the Ford Motor Company. They don't win awards just by showing up!

I expect my cars to perform and my Mazda fits the bill. Great looks, aggressive styling, great horsepower to weight ratio, smooth shifting manual, no worries of reliability and a rocket ship when I want it to be one. Quality 101 in my book. Puts the other "front runners" of import vehicles to shame Monday through Sunday, 365 days a year!
Transmission is also junk as well...the other major Ford part on this car along with the engine.
I have a 2004 6s manual transmission with the 3L 6cyl. I love this car for it's handling and speed though I had a major issue with the pcv valve going bad and sucking the engine oil out causing me to get a partial, though still very expensive rebuild. CHANGE YOUR PCV VALVE IF YOU OWN THIS CAR. I've only had to do brake work and change a coil, both inexpensive when done yourself. I'd still recommend a 6, as long as you watch the pcv issue.
I've had this car for 6years and during this time have had to travel a lot from New York to north Connecticut (3hr drives) almost every weekend, hence the 143K miles on it. In terms of services, I've had to replace tires faster than I've wanted to (the miles/tire replacements go hand in hand though) and brake pads, once had a cracked shock under left tire due to going too fast on a sharp curve during icy rain and hit a curb.

Besides that have never had other major jobs like transmissions, engine problems, etc...

When I get oil changes at zap lube they try to always make me get an engine flush but i hear it's not great for cars so I did it once and haven't done it in about 3years.
thought I was buying a decent car. thought wrong. transmission problems are endemic, regular visits to the shop have done nothing to resovle the problem. It's either a lemon or representative or poor manufacturing and design.
2004 Mazda6 4cyl, automatic - 80,000 - Best handling front-wheel drive I've ever experienced. Not super fast, but fast enough. Interior materials could be better. I'm not in love with the cloth material on the seats, hard to keep clean and a little scratchy compared to Accords and Camry I owned. Ergonomics are excellent. Radio contols in steering wheel are wonderful surprise at this price. Huge inside, huge trunk, really something for its size (about 85-90% the size of Accord/Camry/Altima...) but a LOT more fun to drive. Feels VERY light and agile, steering response and road feel is excellent - a real driver's car. Yet quiet enough and smooth enough for long trips. Engine has weak low end torque, but at 160 hp it's fine for what it is. Mileage is, however, not outstanding for a 4 cyl(24-26). Nothing has broken, nothing has gone wrong. This base model has ABS, and dynamic stability control and side air bags. A VERY safe car. Dual exhausts and overall design is very attractive, sexy, sporty. Mine is "Lapis Blue" which is one of the most beautiful dark blues on the road. Reading lamps, leather steering wheel and shifter, courtesy lights, overhead console, and clever cup holders are nice touches. I own a Mustang GT and a 7-Series BMW, and I gladly drive this car, not as a step down at all. It is a beautiful family car. The right size Now they're big like everybody else. :o( The 2003-2008 Mazda6/Atenza was a "world car" sold in USA, Asia and Europe. It won 200 awards. It feels just right, a real surprise. Not an "appliance" like Accord/Camry/Altima/Malibu/Taurus. I highly recommend this car.
I loved my Mazda and had no issues--until, you can probably guess-the warranty went out on it this past August (08). Now I am having A LOT of check engine light issues (but the dealer cannot find anything wront when I bring it in). Every time, the code is something different--but all emissions related. They claim they are weather-related issues, but I am on my 3rd purge valve solenoid...and it is not running as smooth. Is anyone else having emission warning light issues as well? I only have 50,000 miles on it too! I am very frustrated with it now...
I've had my Mazda6 for 5 years, replacing a succession of Hondas and Acuras. I've found the car to be quite reliable, but with a few minor annoyances: squeaks from the dash, throttle-lag, and brakes that don't seem to last as long as they should.