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2003 Mazda Mazda6 (8 Reviews)
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The rpms goes higher and transmission is really bad. I think its time for a new car to buy bought it used in 2008 problems happened after 2010 getting catalytic converter $235.45 than replaced 02 oxygen sensor at $180.00 other things are very high in repairs on this car. I do love the car and looks of it but its not holding up well at all still would look into another Mazda vehicle.
Bought a 2003 Mazda 6 car starts up runs a few seconds dies will run as long as you are putting starting fluid in it has anyone heard or had this problem.
The worst car I have ever had and heard of. I have had to put 17K to keep it on the road and payed 18K when I bought it.
Have had my Mazda 6 since 2003 new. Absolutely love this car! Been a wonderful machine and still kicking. It now has 239,000 plus miles on it. Have had to change the starter once, a few brake changes and have replaced the tires twice. Can't really complain about the car as its been doing its job and well worth the money. Will not give up this car for nothing.
Just had the actuator replaced and there is a valve ping when accelerate till certain speed, let of and speed up it pings..What is this.timing chain? Should they have known this when fixed acuator?
After my car hit past around 80k miles I've had a lot more problems. I have had to change the brakes about 2 times since I bought the car+ the rotors. A couple recalls at the beginning because it was a new model, the transmission program had to be updated, fan was alwasy on. I had one engine problem where after it rained the engine would start sputtering while driving and it would go away after it dried out (was a ignition coil problem). I recently have had the air intake valve needed replacing from the check engine light going on and the car just stopping. I've had to replace the headlights a few times from burn out and the tires seem to bald faster than usual and they are expensive to replace.

I still like this car but I seem to be having a lot more engine problems now and it's beginning to get annoying. I would expect it to at least last decent until 100k miles and I might buy another mazda.

btw don't go to a deal for a engine code check, my local mechanic reads it for free not $100.
Bought this car new for my daughter in January 2003. Currently has 67,000 miles. Other than a half a dozen recalls (new model) the car has been very reliable.
Pluses: The V-6 engine gets about 20 MPG in town and as much as 29 on trips. Handling, ride and acceleration are superb. Interior has held up well and is easy to clean. Car is very versatile with 60/40 folding rear seat and large trunk. Very good safety features for a 2003 model.
Minuses: Have had to replace engine battery every three years and brake pads every 30K; primarily routine maintenance is all that has been required. Abrupt shifting between 1st and 2nd gear develop around 50K--required transmission software update to fix. Oil pan leak was repaired during 60,000-mile service. Center console LEDs have been erratic (also affected by the cold).
Overall, a very good car with many more years of service planned.
this car is a piece of crap... bought it new in 03 and have already spent 4x as much in repairs than my 98 altima. im at 85000 miles and have already replaced the brakes, the alternator, and the battery, i have gone through 3 sets of tires, and have had problems with the intake manifold hoses and oil system. I will never buy anything associated with ford/mazda again... nothing but trouble! p.s. my altima is now at 110000 miles and other than the alternator the only money i have put into it has been regular maintenance.