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2005 Mazda Mazda3 (5 Reviews)
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from east coast moved to west coast


change oil ever 4-5k regular oil

changed rear pads 85k
changed front pads 100k
changed thermostat 86k
flushed tranny fluid 100k
spark plugs 100k

had rear tire wear fixed with alignment

more reliable care I have ever had. I drive this car like a go cart. has 145k

burns a quart of oil every oil change. due to hard driving.
My 2005 Mazda 3 BURNS OIL. Especially noticeable when the car sits over night - clouds of smoke emitted. When speaking with several different oil change shops and mechanics I hear this is a common problem. Recently I ran into 2 Mazda 3 owners who lost their engine entirely.
Is there a recall on this issue.
Am going to start a face book page to learn how many such Mazda 3 owners have/are suffering the same issue
I have had my 2005 mazda 3s 5 door for less then a year it only has about 88,000 miles and its been nothing but problems. To start in the winter time ice builds up and causes it to shake really bad. Had to crawl underneath and brake the chunks of ice away several times. Then at our routine oil change they told us we were 2 quarts low. We have no oil leaks or anything top end or bottem end. My mechanic said its burning oil which is caused by the piston not sealing. Then the tires started going flat. they have good tred no cracks in the rubber nails or anything to cause this they just go flat for no reason. the most major problem we have now is the knock. had my mechanic look and 2 bearings are spun. so we have to replace the motor which is 3 grand. The only good thing about this car was the 6 disc cd changer.... would not ever buy a mazda ever again.
Will never own another Mazda ever again! Bought our 2005 Mazda 3s new. At 67000 miles it spun a rod bearing needed a new motor, cost me $3,000 this was putting the motor in myself not at a shop, which I could not believe how expensive these motors are all about the same price used, rebuilt, or new. This is my wifes car too so it is not driven hard or mistreated at all very well maintained. The rims are cheap combine them with the low profile tires a pothole bends the rim very easily. Seems to use tires very quickly too have had 3 sets going on 4 in 5 years which I know it has negative camber built into the suspension but wow they wear out so fast and they aren't cheap. Recently the a/c compressor has went out, so no a/c in the middle of summer. For being a small FWD car it has to be the worst car to drive in the snow, I feel more comfortable driving my mustang or trans am in the winter then this little car. Last winter for some reason the parking brake locked up and would not release? It was never engaged either, ice build up maybe? I don't know but it released when my wife picked it up the next day. I have never had a car do that luckily it didn't happen when she was driving down the highway. Sad that this car has so many problems because I do like the looks of the car, and it does handle very well and is pretty peppy for a little 4 cylinder. But after owning this problem riddled car I won't be buying another one. Actually looking to trade it in soon before another major fix pop's up out of the blue
I love this car for it's pep, styling and fun to drive attitude but sadly it has it's problems. First off minor issues... No lighting on moonroof controls --a pain at night as you are poking around in the dark hunting for the controls. The back seat is definitely tight --Another inch would be nice. 5 speed manual not 6 speed --I see that this is rectified in later year models. I find myself constantly wanting to upshift when already in 5th gear. It certainly hurts gas mileage as well. A/C output --It is barely adequate on a normal day in Houston. Eats tires --I accept this due to the negative camber built in to give this car it's great grip and handling. BUT keep those tires rotated!!! Now the major stuff... Alarm system replaced at 23K --It turns out this model had an aftermarket unit which supposedly is now replaced by an OEM version in later models. New rear brake pads at 35K --I see this repeated in other reviews, why an issue??? HVAC control system burned out at 48K --Circuit board burned out causing fan blower to stop. Not covered by warranty. Why??? Dealer couldn't explain what caused problem. A/C compressor at 53K --Mazda covered parts including compressor, pulleys, freon, etc. but I had to pay labor. Mazda said they have been having problems with this particular compressor unit. So, overall inspite of it's fun to drive personality I probably will not buy another Mazda 3. I drive my cars carefully and keep them maintained. So my standard is I should be able to get 10 years and 100K miminum without any problems. This car does not meet my standards. One other thing... I can't stand the goofy grin on the front end of recent Mazda's. I don't want to drive around in a clown car!?!? What were they thinking???