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2013 Mazda CX-5 (2 Reviews)
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I researched and rented 8 different cars before deciding on this one. My first brand new car ever purchased. I'm disappointed that all materials read on this car were just fluff. My prior car was a Chrysler mini van. My CX-5 Grand Touring $29,950 front wheel drive, has inferior seals around the doors and windows. Up here in raining north that means when it rains for a day, 5 days later when you roll the window down and up there is still water in the door and the window drags it up. I suspect a giant mold problem. I started keeping it in the garage. The inside door frame collects huge amounts of water, dirt and mud. Constantly wiping it down. Heated seats, not so heated. Can't see out of side of windshield. The bar is too wide and angled. Have to take those right and left hand turns slow as I have almost hit a pedestrian more than once. Really bad up here on a rainy day. Windshield cracked almost immediately. Had noticed what appeared to be water leaking down the inside of the windshield but thought no, that can't be happening. Windshield cracked again 4 weeks later. Refuse to replace it again. Rear view camera fogs, but more importantly has a blind spot. super easy to back into another car if you are angling in. Don't rely on that camera, keep checking your mirrors. Side mirror warning if too close to cars? I notice it's not beeping at all these days so I have to take the car in and get it checked out. Never again will I buy a car without gigantic windows. I want to see what I'm going to run into or run over. So far brakes are ok but occasionally make a weird noise. Drive train thunks occasionally, won't shift down, stays at high RPM's when it doesn't have to.
TomTom. Geez good luck. North points south, have to use a lot of opposite side brain to figure it out. Use my phone now. Have to manually change channels on radio. Engine is super slow to accelerate. Not an uncommon problem. Heating:never warm in the right spots, always cold feet, takes foreverrrrrrr to warm up inside. If you have recirculating air on, windshield is foggy, and air conditioner stinks. My daughter hates riding in the car says smell gives her a headache. Suspension: Wow, the change from the Chrysler to the Mazda was bone jarring. Really thought I would get used to it but can't. Road noise, forget about using your fancy bluetooth hands free phone speaker. Road noise is so loud. I have to blast the music (Bose Speakers? I don't think so) to drowned it out. Super disappointed that I spent so much time researching this car and waiting for it to come out. I am wondering if this is a tsunami car. Owned it for 30 months, going to pay it off and dump it.
I am very disappointed in all the serious reports from previous owners of the Mazda CX-5 on the NHTSA website. These reports are not getting threw to the customers. All the while Mazda purchased all the rotors back from dealers, so there is a national wait list for new replacements. Mazda needs to make some RECALL soon before someone gets killed over the sudden deceleration and exceleration of their new model CX-5's. It just a matter of time before this happens, and I am so glad to have found the NHTSA website that reports VIN# also, We were about to buy a used -certified preowned FWD, the car fax reports shows 26 records under this report, I think its a lemon. ??????