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1999 Mazda B2500 (5 Reviews)
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Bought my B2500 new in 2000 (it is a 1999 model). I was still in college but about to graduate. I have taken care of this truck, getting the oil changed every 3 months or so and the only problem I have had was the alternator started to fault when the truck was 3 years old. I replaced it and everything has operated like it should. It has 158,000 miles on it and I drive it 4 times a week to work which is 44 miles round trip.
I bought my '99 B2500 in 2003 with 53K miles. I drove it from Orlando to Cape Canaveral everyday (100 mile round trip) for 7 years. I now work back in Orlando and the truck has 240K miles on it and still runs and looks like new. My wife is on me to trade it and get a new truck but I'm keeping it till the wheels fall off.
I bought it new in 98 and besides 8 sets of tires, 2 batteries, 3 alternators, timing belt, 3 lower ball joints, 2 upper joints, 3 tune ups, and oil change every 3-5 thousand miles this truck served us well. I have over 202,000 miles and would not trade it.
I will admit there are a few quirks like leaking passenger side floor, knocking with cheap gas, grinding noise shifting to 3rd, but never left me stranded. Its starting to rust since its a beach car and never seen a garage......I'll drive it till the wheels fall off it.
My only complaint is that it leaks on the passenger side floor board. I think some of it was coming in from the 3rd brake light, but I caulked it with silicone and water still gets in. Not a major problem and something I could probably solve if I looked a little harder. But the truck has been great at 11 years old. Both my kids have wrecked it- my daughter drove it into a stump and my boy drove it through a fence and it is tough as nails still going strong.
Another thing, mine has had a tendency to knock with regular since it was new- I run mid-grade so it won't knock, get 25 mpg. Motor has been very dependable. I have only cleaned the IAC and replaced the blower resistor
Excellent vehicle. At 160,000 plus miles it still runs excellent and quiet. Owned for 10 years and haven't had any problems until now in which I am replacing the timing belt. It is noninterference which means that I won't encounter additional motor problems.