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1998 Mazda B2500 (4 Reviews)
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I had a 1995 Mazda B2000 that my brother gave me,, and drove basically around the United States,,had almost 300,000 on it when I was pulling into Oklahoma City, from Detroit. 5 miles out of town, hit a 10 point buck that ran in front of it and totaled it! now, I am am a city guy. this is the bible belt, the hood flew up. I stuck my head out the window to steer in HEAVY traffic, and managed to pull over. behind me me, were some concerned (bible belt) citizens, and stopped to check up on me, as they had seen what happened.. when I started saying wtf, u got to be f$^kin kidding me! hell no!!! they briefly got the words out of their mouth "are you alright?" when they turned around, got back in their car, and locked the doors! lmao!

I told you that story, to tell you this one,,

I have a job that makes me drive about 30 miles a day(15 each way).. and blew up a 2005 chevy malibu,blew the head gasket, had a ford 2004 ford windstar die (unkown problem),, then bought a 1998 Mazda B2500 with rust around the back wheel wells, 5 speed manual,4 cyl,nothing special. my gas payment is about 50 bucks every 2-3 weeks! can't be happier, I just need the rear wheel-wells fixed, the air conditioner relay needs to be replaced,(cheap) I have a fiberglass bed cover, that has warped some,and the pneumatic lifters for the cover are shot! and the lock is broke,, prob $200.00 bucks just for that! so I will apply that to a Gem-Top!
bought my truck used with 165k miles on it. had it since 2005. only major thing ive had to do to it was replace the clutch. doing the regular maintance like oil change and etc..... been to pa nc tx just all over the us. it has 350000 miles on it now and iam still not scared to get in it now and head out on a long trip. great truck
I can't complain. I bought it new in 1998. Has served me well, I am replacing the starter, the only major problem I have had. My Bmw transmission just went out so I am back to my trusty truck again.
My first pickup ever, and after 188,000 miles I can say it's decent. You'll want stronger shocks than the OEM ones--try Bilsteins. Ride has always been stiff. Strong engine, nice interior, still mid-20's mpg. Had new clutch at 165,000--also broke 1 sway bar link in suspension. New lower ball joints at 185,000. Not all that bad for 11 year old truck with such high miles.