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1996 Mazda B2300 (3 Reviews)
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I've owned this truck for over 13 years, having bought it from a local dealer. It now has over 225K miles on it and still running strong, although the head gasket had to be replaced recently due to my carelessness in monitoring the coolant level. I also replaced the clutch myself about 8 years ago - it was due, having been put thru some heavy hill use where the clutch had been used to "hold" the vehicle at a stop while facing uphill (that practice has since been discontinued).

I highly recommend this rig as long as you don't plan on hauling large loads up and down heavy grades - the 4-cylinder just doesn't have the poop to haul REALLY heavy loads. However, if you don't mind having to slow down/shift down, you'll get there eventually even if you overload it!

If folks aren't aware, this is the EXACT same vehicle as a Ford Ranger, which is spoken of in glowing terms by the millions of people who own and swear by (and not AT) them.
My mother has had this truck since i was six. She used it to haul news papers around for about 7 years. There has been almost no problems with it. It was recently passed on to me and I've been driving it for a few months now. So far the only problem I've had is that the gas gauge is bipolar. Besides that its an amazing truck. Its small but can haul a lot of weight. I love it and i wouldn't trade it for anything.
Exellent truck, just have problems with emission pump. Great for hauling Dirt Bike! Tires are a bitch to find!