2001 Mazda 626 Reviews and Owner Comments

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2001 Mazda 626 (3 Reviews)
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I hate the 01 mazda626 the transmisions are junk
At 80K miles, I replaced the transmission. Ten months and 22K miles later, it was rebuilt or replaced again.
At 102K miles I replaced the timing belt, gaskets and the water pump for the first time.
One nuisance item is the engine light which has been on for 5 years due to some ozone filter which our mechanic said wasn't necessary to replace.
Considering I've only changed the oil about every 9 months, and have never flushed anything, it has been a fantastic car!
My 2001 mazda 626 has been a good car . The transmission shift cable bushing burst and allowed the cable to come loose thus not able to shift transmission . I called around to dealers and other sourses but the part was on back order .I found a transmission shop that made a good repair as replacing the cable was a real pain ! The transmission is a bit weak on shifting but still a good car . Would buy another .