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1997 Mazda 626 (4 Reviews)
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I just bought this car has 118,000 miles no problems did fixed CV joints/alternator. The 626 gets good fuel economy very comfortable to drive. Owned a newer car but destroyed because of DUI had license revoked for several years found the used car under $600 starting driving again like car so far. It was last purchase in Nov 2014 now put over 132,000 miles no signs of breakdowns the car is getting all low maintenance plus 6,000 mile oil changes. 626 very flawless runs like a champ better than starting off on another car note already paid off by original owner who brought it brand new of Dec '96 as 1997 model still original in and out have all service records and manufactured date of the vehicle. I've noticed trans was slipping but fixed at lower price while using 5w30 Lucas Tranny Oil helped solved the issue this car will run forever I believe having less problems even mechanic who found to do routine maintenance says it has lots of life even Original Owner/driver told me same don't have to worry about nothing will serve me down the Colorado mountains without stalling or breakdowns this gentleman took very great care of this car like it was his own child being a dependable car somewhat nice 1997 model ever here in Boulder I've seen on the road lately.
I have to replace the transmission twice first 54 k second time 65k (rebuilt) worst car I ever had, when I bought it in 2008 had 30k miles almost brand new.
Everything is working,but the transmisson. After I bought I had notice that this Mazda model (626) had really bad problems on its transmission
Bang for buck, its not a bad car. Transmission isn't the brightest during low speed driving. Not a cornering car, drag racing machine or intended for drifting. As a "point a to b" car, it will do the job. Cold a/c, smooth and quite engine. Didn't like the odd size 6x8 speakers, but minor fix for sound enthusiasts.
Um, that mazda had to be the worst car my family ever owned! It had every problem imaginable, and cost so much in repairs! Let me see if I can remember all the problems it had... it needed a new transmission, some electrical problems, something about a timing belt (clearly i know nothing about cars), and who knows what else.... I also hated the way the wheel felt so heavy, and it didn't like to make u-turns. yeah, that thing sucked. Screw the 626... I hope they stopped making those.