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2009 Lincoln Town Car (2 Reviews)
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Unfortunately for this fellow, he did not really understand what was "wrong" about his 2009 Town Car. I recently purchased a 2004 TC Ultimate and it too rode like a "truck". I've driven and owned several Lincolns form the 80's on up, so I know how they should ride. Today I fixed the problem. For some strange reason, Ford chose to equip the air ride rear suspension on later model TC's with overly stiff, heavy duty OEM shocks that are way, way, way to stiff on the compression stroke. They are almost as bad on the rebound. When dismounted, it practically took a gorilla to compress them! I replaced them with the cheapest Gabriel shocks I could find at the nearest store, for an 84-85 Buick Regal. They had a very easy compression stroke and a mild rebound. It took a little juggling with the top rubber bushings and I got some 3/4 inch steel sleeves and new bolts for the bottom mount to adapt it to the Lincoln. I noticed the dramatic difference before I reached the end of the driveway. Now it rides like an air ride Lincoln should, and it actually handles better without all that jarring stiffness in the rear. It really changed the entire manner of the vehicle. I suppose some shock manufacturer makes shocks meant to fit that series TC that are not as stiff as OEM, but I could not find them at the very nearest store so I got the skinny cheap Gabriel's and it worked wonders.
I have owned six town cars and had good luck until I got this 2009 town car. I went unto the lot and saw this car I loved the ride on my 2003 town car.This is a lincoln so I did not try it out when i started home it rides like a pick up truck.I have had to three dealers had all new shocks every one agrees it rides ruff but no one has the answer how to soften the ride.I have called lincoln they will not let me talk to the people who designed this system so I am done with ford I am buying a new truck in the spring it will not be a ford.