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2000 Lincoln Town Car (4 Reviews)
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I love these cars, I have owned 6. I have a 2000 executive and before this i had a 2000 signature. Ive learned alot about them..grease grease grease!. Ford wasnt clever with the front ends, no grease fittings. I have learned to grease everything on the whole front steering/suspension system, bushings..everything. If not, you get all the typical creeks and things wear out alot faster. Change the antifreeze and flush the system every year..otherwise youll be in for a huge labor job with having the heater core replaced..and any little mistakes and u might end up with your heat/ac stuck on high. the wet floors arent always the heater core, and ive never had the moonroof leaks..but the gasket under the hood up near the windshield can cause wet floors. also the doors get filled with gunk..take out the plugs, otherwise your electrical stuff...window motors..can short out when the doors fill with water lol. only replace balljoints with ones that have grease fittings. I love my towncars, and wouldnt drive anything else. They run great, keep the oil clean and you can easily get 500k miles. oh did i mention some little tranny issue..they sometimes jerk or buck long as your fluid level is right..its fine.a few more things, grease the tracks for the power seats, and sometimes the wire just needs a jiggle if seats wont work. If your rear air ride suspension goes..convert it to regular shocks..the cars sit higher in the back, look nicer and i dont think it rides any different.
I really do like my car, but I have my concerns. Get ready if you have a sunroof, but I am not sure if my water leak in the rear passenger floorboard is coming from the roof. I have tried having the sunroof sealed and still have water in the flowboard when it rains. Next, I have this strange rattling noise in the dash area when you reach 50 mph driving, I also have a delay in my AC starting, and then it starts blowing hot air first. Finally, my dash lights are all out. The seat bottom section will not move upward or backwards, but the top section of the seat will adjust.
Excellent handling, supremely comfortable ride, room for real adults! Great resale value.
I have a 2000 Town Car Cartier L series I bought it with very low miles. 3rd Town Car I have owned, my 1990 Cartier had 225k mi and my 1992 had 278k mi before the frame rusted out (lived up north then). Intake was replaced due to a bad plastic coolant crossover pipe design. I upgraded all ball joints, idler arm, and tie rod ends with MOOG greasable performance suspension parts (my choice old ones were fine). I installed Bilstein comfort ride shocks and Arnot limo grade rear air bags with lifetime warranty (old shocks and bags were good). Finally installed cast aluminum transmission pan with drain plug, so I could change my own fluid. Now this car performs and rides like a dream, I have 90k miles on it and can do all the routine maintenance work my self in the garage, easy to work on compare to most newer cars. Also the stretched rear doors on the L series is worth every penny. I talk to a guy at the airport once and he had over 600,000 mi on his L series and I hope to due the same. Living in TX I don't have to worry about rust either. Lincoln Town Car's have always been great cars for me would recommend them to anyone.