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1999 Lincoln Town Car (5 Reviews)
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Good vehicle it's quality at best. The town car runs smooth at 203,000 miles no weird noise or issues out of vehicle love the color of exterior (champagne metallic.,). Ever since had my car has gotten best city mileage and impressive highway mileage it's a well excellent car. Common problems known for these cars and other Lincolns the suspensions aren't so good seen quite town cars in neighborhood with bad suspension problems got mines repaired. It's full luxurious love every available option got equipped on my Town car very peppy feels like a Cadillac but bypass the feeling driving my old faithful Lincoln. Took a trip to Palm Springs FL averaged 22-25mpg Hwy and in city driving average 18-20mpg city driving. The car always gets wonderful maintenance there are no cracks on dashboard or interior problems. Runs forever even get a smooth cruising ride like a yacht though it's a 99 vehicle seems bit technology for a 16 year old car but it's very reliable not going to lie because had the car for last 9 years never given me a problem. I would buy another Town car in a heartbeat purchased from an authorized dealership here in Pittsburgh got best deal car is dependable driving at 203,000 miles still purrs every time driving around town et ready on replaced 3rd set of tires for it and changed oil with 5w30 Synthetic no oil leaks or stalling issues.
I really love my 1999 signature series Lincoln Town Car 5 years I have had this one this is my third one I spent $3,800 total I plan on running this for a few more years and then I will look for a signature L maybe in 2011 because not making them anymore truthfully I cannot see myself not having a town car in my life I recommend before getting one do your homework and check your car faxes make sure it's from a reputable company they will last highway miles a great in my city it's fair would like a little better but I use it when I need to use it's Hollywood white and is really pretty car awesome right I have it set up baby limousine styleI wish I could post a picture
I love my 1999 Lincoln Town Car Executive Series. It has 92,000 miles and I only have two problems; leaking on passenger side (simple gasket fix - video online) and my heater core just went out (have video on how to repair without removal of dash).
I bought this car used.Now has 185,000 miles. Runs good but very poor gas mileage at 10.1 city, 22-23 hwy. I hear of people getting better city buy no one seems to have an answer how to boost my city mileage. Any answer out there I would appreciate. I am 78 years old and lot of city driving shopping and Doctor appoinments. ANY ONE HELP !!! Its a 1999 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series.
Very reliable car get the signiture or designer series.