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1997 Lincoln Town Car (4 Reviews)
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I had the 97 Town Car (Lincoln #7) and it was in an accident in March 2011. The Acura slammed into the rear right quarter pannel, spent around,hit the front right fender, spent around, and landed on the front bumper. Through all of this, the Lincoln was totaled, BUT, there was NO broken glass and noone in my car was seriously hurt, no broken bones, no broken glass on the car and we walked away from the accident scene. If you want a car to protect your family, buy a TOWN CAR.
I am origina owner since 1997 (last style before they jumped into "boat" style.Up to now she has 152K miles. It is very economical to maintaine this TC (compare to MBZ, BMW, etc). CAn not recal major replacements. Just regular oil change (5K), transmittion fluid (50K), axl lube (50K), coolinf fluid (same level for last 45K).
So far only one probelm. engineeeen shuts down after about 40 sec if I will stop on red light. Transmittion is in Drive position and brake pedal is all way down. There is no problem if transmittion is in Parking and engineen works for few minutes without problem.
i purchaced this car from a bank in 2003, it had 200,000 mile on it, i figured it may last for the year, but to my surprise it now has well over 500,000 on it today , the speedometer quit working at 450,000 and only works from time to time..but as far as the motor , it is unbelieveable..i have not even replaced the sparkplugs since i bought the car..the only trouble i have ever had where the front ball joints, your best bet is to replace them as soon as you can with some that have fittings for grease..the original ones do not have grease fittings..only other thing was to replace the a/c compressor 4 years ago..the strongest car i have ever owned..i have owned plenty this can is now being used 120 miles a day as a rural mail delivery car by my wife..she tears up tires and doors..but it keeps on kicking like you would not believe..if you find a good one, you will love it to no end..oh also i took out the air ride in the rear and had heavy duty springs put on the car as well as air shocks..i have pulled 16 foot trailers with a welded on hitch full of what a cab baby..i love it
Great car for a big car. I really have not have any problems other than squeaks. One of the best cars I ever bought.