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1996 Lincoln Town Car (7 Reviews)
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I have a 1996 Lincoln Town car signature...low miles...what a comfortable ride!!!..I had to address a couple things that are known to go bad on the car...they were not a big deal...bda(blend door acutator), rear pull down switch.moon roof switch...I fixed myself...
smooth power, safe cruiser, still looks really good after all these years.
I am the second owner of this TC. I 'inherited' it from a friend. It now has over 322,000 miles on it and is still going strong. I have had little to do in the way major repairs - the most expensive being we did away with the air suspension once it squatted so we wouldn't have to worry with that issue again. It was much more cost effective to do away with it than to repair the air ride. As old as it is it still rides smooth with regular suspension, not like brand new, but smoother than a lot of newer cars I have been in recently for sure. Just wish those cupholders were in a different place though!
the abs light comes on when i put the car in drive when i hit the
brakes one time an light stay on
My '96 Signature has 140,000 mile and still going strong. I am changing out the AC compressor, but that's the only major repair on this car. I am 75 and have owned many cars, still have 3 , but this old Lincoln is my favorite car since my '57 Oldsmobile!
this is the third town car i have had, The last 1993 i sold with 230.000 thousand mil.The person drove it for another 45.000 mil untel it got rear ended, never had any major problems, Now i just bourt a 1996 with 103. mil one owner . IT gets 18mil per. gal and 26hwy. Thats 5 gal more then my neighbors get with there 4x4.Caddalacks are a poor mans lincoln .
When I first saw this body style I HATED IT!!! It eventually grew on me, but then I drove One it was a 92 . I said these things might be alright. After owning a 81,85 and 88 TC's I grew to like it more. My 85 and 88 were wrecked and I traded my 81 trying to please a woman. My 96 Tc is a dream to drive I found it in a junk yard guy said it looked like an old persons car he let it go for 600 back in 05. I have put about 50,000 miles on it since then. Up and down the east coast to Fl. and Ohio a few times it has been very dependable. Had a blow out once and the tread ripped my wiring harness out and i did some serious splicing on the side of the road. Just wish the engine had more power.
I love this car! my 96 TC has 192K miles and rides like new. Last tune up done @ 100K but no problems of any kind so far, smooth and comfortable ride, delivers performance with a relative good mileage for a V8 ( 19 x 26 ) . Too bad the designers at the time forgot important detais like cupholders for the back seat passangers who instead got ashtrays. Other than this minor detail, great great car!