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1994 Lincoln Town Car (5 Reviews)
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Bought a well-worn 1994 with 150000, for $1300. Good looking car, always garaged, but maintenance was neglected pretty bad. Major issue is the blend door actuator, heat stays on full time, so I disconnect the heater in spring/summer, not a major deal really; and the rear axles replaced ($1400) Replaced the valve stem seals and a few odds and ends. Ive got about $4000 tied up in it, but with 189000 miles, I wouldn't want a better riding highway car. Daily commute is 65 miles. I get an honest 23.3 per the computer, about 85% highway driving. I plan on keeping it as my last car(I'm 66 now.) I figure I'm at the break even point on repair cost vs making a car payment. From here on it's money in the bank. Very sturdy car. Cab company nearby uses Town Cars for their daily work, owner told me he gets 400,000 before even considering an upgrade. Amazingly durable cars. Done nothing to it in the past year except replaced the brake pads on front.($59) It does use oil, but no smoke from tailpipe: I gladly feed its quart a month habit.
i own a 1994 and a 1998 town car executive series. i love them both the interior in both is still mint and i have had the air ride disabled in both still gives a great ride. i have had ac issues the 98 had to have new compressor and 94 has a bda problem to work out. my daughter drives a 2001 and i prefer my older cars even though it is a great car too. good for large families
My Lincoln gets raves from the passengers I sometimes carry. It even impresses me. It was bought used and still performs well. The engine is a 4.6L (281cid) and it gets around anything on the highway. After hurricane Katrina, the car made several journeys to and from New Orleans and Atlanta. The right head gasket developed a leak (blown head gasket) and the motor was rebuilt, and that was because different people, and some not caring, drove the car, some abuse occured. It was worth the $2000 to have the motor rebuilt. To present, the car is great. The front suspension has been rebuilt once and is in need of some tweaking. Beside the maintenance, the car is great. Also, the car is as quiet as a mouse, but some squeking from the fan belt area tells me the water pump might need replacement. Beyone that, I'M KEEPING THIS CAR
I love this car and think that it is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering. I would recommend this car to anybody.
I purchased this car 7 years ago from a dear friend in Florida. It is a Marlin Signature Series and had 63,000 mi on it at the time. It now has only 103,000 since we do not drive it much. It is truly an exceptional riding vehicle. Although it is "older", everyone wants me to drive since it is so comfortable and spacius inside. You can't compare the heaviness to the newer cars manufactured today. Never have had problems with it at all and maintain service every 3000 miles. It gets 23 M.P.G. on trips and 17 in city. The air suspension is leaking now and will require replacement but this is truly a remarkable car.