1992 Lincoln Town Car Reviews and Owner Comments

1992 Lincoln Town Car owners review and rate their 1992 Lincoln Town Car.

1992 Lincoln Town Car (3 Reviews)
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I bought my 92 lincoln towncar on side of road for 1300, rebuilt transmission, suspension replaced,ac system replaced, with quite a few other parts, but shes my baby I try to take care of her because she starts every time and she drives smooth I love my lincoln she just costing me alot :) parts aint cheap and finding them in salvage aint always easy.
I Love My Lincoln!!! 288000 miles and still smooth! I have replaced everything except the motor.....A Mechanic could not believe how well the car drove. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Awesome Machine....Future plans to beef it up!
My father bough my 1992 Sig Series in 1995. He drove it from 75000 miles to 125000. I got it 4 years ago. I traveled A LOT! it currently has 300,000 miles and runs like a dream. I am about to have the front end fully replaced because...well...its still original and its past time. I replaced the orig trans at 260,000 miles. All it takes it normal service requirements, and thats it! I love my car and will cry the day it finally gives up! LOL. I have found that the best tire I ever used was Michelin Hydroedge or Symmetry. The Hydroedge works wonders in rain and snow. And the Ride is AWESOME along with the new air ride i replaced. If your lincoln puffs smoke on start off, have your egr and pcv valve checked/replaced. I love it also b/c I can do most of my own Maintainence. Lincoln has my Full support!