1991 Lincoln Town Car Reviews and Owner Comments

1991 Lincoln Town Car owners review and rate their 1991 Lincoln Town Car.

1991 Lincoln Town Car (4 Reviews)
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This Car is quite the creampuff. You can usually fine them in good shape for about 3k with good miles and a few issues. If your lucky enough to find one grab it. You will enjoy the comraderee. Look up for all of your repair issues and research the year, make and models available. Good luck.
As my first Town Car, I love it. At 21 years old it drives like riding on a cloud. The only downside is the clear coat is chipping, and the leather on the drivers seat is cracked. On the other hand it has plenty of power thanks to its 4.6l and is built to last. This car is a tank. Wouldn't think of getting rid of this car for a long time.
Bought this one-owner 1991- supposedly with 61K. A li'l ol' lady car. Sat for two years before I bought it. Lots of problems as you might expect. Front brakes locked up for no apparent reason, ball joints, alternator, all four window motors, exhaust system. It has cost me a lot to keep this car on the road, and several days to get the finish in shape, but I would buy it again, even if I knew what I know now. Everyone has Camrys, Accords, Civics, etc. Try to find someone with a 19 year old Town Car. Makes a statement.
Great car, my first Lincoln Town Car.
It drives and rides incredibly well for its age. Cloth interior is beautiful.
28 mpg you can't beat it!