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2004 Lincoln Navigator (4 Reviews)
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I bought my 04 Nav new in 04 and I have been very happy with it with these few exceptions.

The air suspension on these SUVs are not good at all. Every person I have known that has had one has had problems with the air bags and this makes the pumps run all the time, eventually burning them up. I paid thousands to fix the system twice and then replaced it with a standard system.

Other than that, the emergency brake electronic release went out in 07 and I never replaced it because it's hundreds of dollars to keep me from just releasing it by hand and I can do it by hand, no problem.

The hood paint cracked up like it had the wrong primer or something and I have just put up with it, but, it looks crappy and I should have taken it back to the dealer.

The chrome on the console handle becomes loose and this is very sharp in a place where you are meant to grab and lift up to open the console. I have replaced it 3 times and my wife has cut herself twice on it.

It has 150k on it and it began having what sounds like a valve tap at about 130k and it has become pretty loud, again something that is expensive to fix and I decided to what till it brakes. But, it's so loud now that my wife won't drive it cause she's embarrassed by it.

All and all it's been a pretty reliable decent car and I'd buy another if the economy wasn't so bad. For now, I'll fix what I can and drive it till it gives up :)
I have a 2004 lincoln navigator i notice my air pump keep running,all the time after two weeks of that, one morning my front end was lower then the back, i turn on the truck, and sit there for 15mins the front rose at the normal level, after two weeks of that i took it to the local dealer ship, they told me the air bag rings was bad the cost 489 dollars, when i drove it home i notice my air pump is still running all the time, before making it home my air suspension light came on, then my front end went down i took it back to the dealership they told me my air pump was leaking and it needed to be replace cost 700 dollars, i had a 2000 lincoln navigator with the same promblem i wish ford do a recal on there air suspension, because the cost of the labor is to much.
Have had the vehicle for 2 yrs and besides brakes and tires it has been good.
a bueatiful vehicle inside and out but lacks power