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2003 Lincoln Navigator (3 Reviews)
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I have had to rebuild my Transmission and Motor.!!! The truck is currently at Five Star Ford having the fuse panel replaced due to poor design where the panel is taking in water burning out the main relay switch. The automatic door locks stopped working. Due to water leaking in.. the sun roof stopped working. This truck is like some women..they may look good but inside she ugly. More trouble than what she is worth. Chevy/GMC here i come.
probably had the potential to been one of the best full size suv. However my 2003 had minor electrical sensors failing from day one, like doors then runing boards then suspension replaced rear and compresssor. Dealer was inept changed sensors when the air bags was gone. now i have replace four coils and spark plugs engine still running lean. So they told me to get rid of the vehicle after they replace all my vacuum lines couldnt find the problem . So while car shopping for Toyota 4 runner no more american car for me i actually thought of chev tahoe and decided not to . Went to a Ford Dealer and they are charging me two grand to fix my two cats and replaceed four spark plugs change the boots and should solve the prblem . My engine has been running lean and to rich causing coils and plugs to fail but lincoln dealer was inept.
Some problems with suspension when it get cold the truck won't raise up right away! I don't know what to do about that.