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1998 Lincoln Navigator (3 Reviews)
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I purchased a used 2003 Navigator in 2008. The first couple of years were good but it has been somewhat of a moneypit ever since. Had to eventually convert the suspension to a coil system after spending thousands replacing the entire air bag suspension to no avail. I have lots of problems with the backup sensors not functioning properly. The CD changer has stopped working altogether. I have been cut numerous times by the handle on the center console. I have replaced the motor in the passenger side power window. The spring has broken in the passenger interior door handle, so no handle there and am being told it will be around $600 to replace. Honestly, I feel as if I work just to pay for repairs to this truck.
purchase in 2004,had to repair air bags in 2006,had a few electrical problems due to age of truck,other than that a very good truck.
awesome vehicle.... bought the 1998 with 37k. now has over 260k all original drive train. replaced frnt shocks..couple coils... intake gasket.. and heater coil.(most expensive repair) mobile oneoil in engine...less thn regular trns services... brakes are great since changing to performance friction products 3x the life and better stopping power