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2008 Lincoln MKX (2 Reviews)
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After several horrible experiences with the European vehicles I have owned, I decided to buy domestic again. My Lincoln MKX is the front wheel drive version. The good: refined clean crisp styling with a nice strong stance, the front grill is reminiscent of Lincoln's past, the ride is just firm enough and comfortable, it handles well, mileage is decent from the smooth energetic 3.5 V6, the sound system is great, the clutter free instrumentation with retro gauge design is pleasing, it has real wood interior trim, the cabin is roomy with plenty of cargo space in the rear, the leather seats are quality and comfortable for long trips, fit and finish is top notch inside and out. The bad: it is a bit difficult to see when backing up and it could benefit from a rear view backup camera, the silver painted plastic on the dash area looks like silver painted plastic, I would like just a little more pep from the engine and maybe a sport suspension mode, and a grab handle for the front occupants would be nice. I wish I had the optional panoramic roof. All said, I really like this vehicle, it is safe, stylish, reliable, and comfortable. I believe it will be one of my favorite all around family cars.
Have had in shop beginning at approx 35K mile. Problem has occurred at least 6_-8time prior Transmission/drive computer problem????/ been in shop 5 or more times, dealer tells me cant find problem. examples reverse often results in slam /bang. last week Backing out of mall park place. car hardly moved and had to pull back in parking place to keep from blocking mall two way traffic...drove about block pulled to park place to pick up 3 other passenger.backed out and put car in drive thought it was not going to take off . Finally coaxed it to work drove down SVC RD about a mile,turned under US hwy to head back north toward home. Got on Svc rd north entered entrance Ramp on 4 lane us HWY,Transmisson bogged down as I was trying to blend in with 70 MPH traffic car would not go over 40 MPH leaving in a potentonal death trap going to the shoulder the transmission finally took hold and I was able to up to speed this is last of of at least 7 or 8 malfunction since 35K miles
Transmission or computer is a total flunk a death trap. Without the problems listed I would rate it a better than average vechicle. Repair efforts are totally absurd.been Long time Lincoln /Ford owner starting as teen with new 1960 Falcon. now 74 yrs old