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2006 Lincoln LS (4 Reviews)
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I purchased my 2006 Lincoln Ls from my Aunt who baught it brand new with 0 mileage. I purchased it over a 2006 SLS AWD with the same amount milage it was mainly because it was half the price of the SLS (being from a dealer) and the LS also had better fuel economy. I purchased the car with 84,000 miles on it last May and now as it sits it has 105,450 miles which is 21,450 miles in about 5 months of owning my car. The service record on this car has never had an issue or any problem. Original coil packs and plugs, routine Oil and filter changes, and with only one minor flaw with this car is that it doesnt like to be on empty the battery will drain at a qtr of a tank with the engine shut off.
Lincoln told my aunt that her Ls sitting beside another Lincoln drains it battery.
I found a corralation to the battery draining while the car had right about less of a qtr of a tank in it.
I fixed this sulotion by if the car is going to be sitting to make sure it has atleast above qtr tank.
my fuel economy has been pretty amazing to be honest, I once got 430 miles till empty on the gauge.
She was purchased in texas, driven to Ohio, than to Alaska, back to Ohio, Back to Texas.
For all my friends that hates on Lincoln for this car remember this.
Rear Wheel drive and with an engine that SHOULD have 300 horsepower and my car that is only missing 2 options which is the rear heated seats and something so minuet I cant even remember.
With these little flaws this car has the cashmire paint and hand painted pin stripping with hand painted lincoln logo this car is truly one of a kind.
the suspension is loud when hitting a hard bump but than again they've never been replaced, but they arent sagging and dont feel weak. If i change the suspension anytime soon it will be due to the noise if anyone has a suggestion on a shock that isnt so loud when hitting a hard bump that would be greatly appreciated.
my car is on its 2nd set of tires by the way original equipment went 74,000 miles and my aunt switched to the michellens pilot sport a/s plus. I have about 30,000 miles on these tires and plenty of tread.

135,000 miles orginal coil packs replaced the plugs runs fine though I notice it doesn't want to run on anything but 93 and refuses Kroger, speedway, cheap gas even hates Shell.
I have 66,000 miles on the '06. Location of the low side a/c port couldn't be in a worse location. Another problem is the fuel gage used to give an audible warning when low on fuel, now it doesn't and the fuel gage at 1/4 tank will suddenly drop to Empty which it originally didn't. Other than these points I like the car. Nice interior, on cruise control going 70 I got 27 mpg with a V-8. Like the handling. Has some features that are nice like the battery in the rear if such help is needed in a parking lot or highway.
Love my LS...only problems so far ...water resevoir had to be replaced due to crack..coil pack replaced....but I also have 93,000 miles on her...
At 75K miles, I'm on my 3rd set of tires. Rt. front wheel assembly replaced at 70K for $280. Battery replaced under warranty at about 6 months. When I had deer damage done, the shop owners comment was "This car has a LOT of features (and 50% metallic paint as well.)
LOVE this car! Acceleration, ride, comfort, low sound level, everything I can think of.