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2003 Lincoln LS (9 Reviews)
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The most common "Overheating" problem I found with this and other similar engines is the design location of the the thermostat is wrong. Common sense - the thermostat should be placed in-line at the engine "Output" to detect the heat quickly and stay open when hot. Remove the thermostat and also block the hot "bypass" return hose with a wood piece cut from shovel handle that fits tight into hose. No more overheating and pump is not restrained. If you live in cold climate just add an aftermarket in-line thermo at the engine hot outlet hose. The 2003 plastic thermo assembly has the hot outlet running inside-thru the cold return ...and the thermostat is placed into the mix. You can easily knock-out the copper element of this thermostat so the flow is always open, and use the extended spring to hold the plate to keep the hot port hole closed. Also use a small bolt to closeup the small bypass hole in the plate. On others, you will also need to cut the thermo loose to reinstall just the outer o-ring or seal.

Once the engine has overheated - you may need to check/fix/replace old plastic parts if leaks are seen from being over-pressured. Also - spark plugs tubes seals may now leak oil into plugs causing misfires. Check and clean, RTV seal or replace valve cover seals.
Good looking sporty car. I have had my Lincoln LS since 2004 with 24k miles this vehicle never requires nothing but getting a oil changed and spark plugs at almost 200,000. Got the luxury model with vent seats, navigation system, CD/Cass and more. The car got class engine is amazing I did go to Napa got a new air compressor after replacing original one but other things like batteries, brakes, plugs, bearings, etc., shop at AutoZone with lifetime warranty. LS has been a really nice beautiful awesome car ever driven though it was used as a rental turned into me driving around city n go traffic maybe traveling out of state every once in awhile. I love this car won't ever trade in for nothing because its a dependable running car worth everything after paid $28k in low miles and a used car company vehicle it is well cared for though lives out in the Nevada heat car is sparkle shining liked had rode off assembly line it runs and drives smooth being in sharp condition gets good estimated fuel economy. Thinking of buying another Lincoln if something ever happens to this car she is like going to the moon its a good reliable vehicle ever purchased though the first new car I had purchased after never owning a vehicle took the shuttle or had to walk everywhere needed to go until found a car with on my credit just purchased at price of $28k but was worth getting this car because its one trustworthy car I've ever had or drove.
I recieved a 03 ls from a customer to do an easy tune-up. but after looking into it found most all easy items changed by previous owner and it still will not drive down road. This is the 3rd ls I have seen like this with a MAJOR problem and hope people stay away from them.
I just bought a 2003 Lincoln LS, its a nice car BUT... The service light comes on at least once a week, about a month after i bought it the engine light came on and i had to have all the iginition coils replaced. now a week later the engine light is on again and my car is doing the same thing. when im at a stop sign or a light i can feel my car lightly shaking and i can hear some noises from my engine. What should i do?
I can't get enogh of the Lincolns. I bought a 1998 Navagator in 2000 and it has been a dream SUV. Not good on the gas but great to drive and tow our travel trailer with. So for my wifes B-day I got her this 2003 Lincoln LS in 2008 and it still only has 43000 miles on it. They our the best cars we have ever owned. Top of the TOP.

Never buy a ford never buy a chevy I know ford makes Lincoln but Lincoln is far superior to ford and all others.
One of the nicest vehicles I have ever owned. Very nicely appointed with technology and features. Will keep it until it won't goany longer...
I have had this car since 2004, & except for replacing two tires & ign. coil (part#1c408) @ a cost of $161.69, I have had absolutely no problems with it.
This is the best of two vehicles that I own. Only repair problem at 14,000 miles was Catalytic Converters (Factory Replaced), left and right side. Also replaced during regular maintenance: Air Filter, A/C Cabin Air, Fuel Filter, Oil & Oil Filter, Brake Pads, and PCV Valves.