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2002 Lincoln LS (12 Reviews)
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Ever since I got mine had both of the front tires fall off I smell gas all the time and the car keeps turning off I don't like it hate no matter what I do something goes wrong I fix one thing and something else go's wrong and has put me and my family endanger I do not like my Lincoln LS 2002
I have a 2002 Ls Why does the engine ligh turn on? Is it just one thing or can it be a few things?
I'm three months into the car and seems flawless.I got this car for 3K with a 100K on it.It was obviously maintained at a dealership because it shines inside and out.Strong 8 cyl. with big brakes.Wish me luck but it seems like a great car.
valve cover gaskets are guarantee to go bad! thus coil packs will be next to go. repairs are not easy and seem to be one after another. snappy and fast though. rides and handles like a dream with a flashy look. overall i like the car but have pocket book handy cause they seem to be a needy car with more problems than any other luxery sport car, but when the car is problem free, its hard to beat.
I bought my 2002 LS V8 in 2005 with 35,000 miles. At about 45,000 miles the passenger side climate control went hot and would not cool. Dealer replace a water control valve under warranty. 2 years later the same valve had to be replaced because of same problem, I paid $$$$$ to get this done. A year later the A/C-heater temp would not regulate, either extreme hot or extreme cold. Dealer kept it 3 days searching for the problem (not covered in their manuals), found an exterior temp sensor was bad. Dealer found this by swapping parts off of an identical model, expensive. Now the same climate control problem as occurred again. Appears to me that Lincoln has a defective part design but does not want to fix it. Also, now the cruise control has stopped working after doing some crazy things, and the radio controls in the steering column no longer work, a minor inconvenience. Other than that, the car looks great, runs great, great acceleration, will get you out of a tight spot in a hurry. Gas mileage 18 city, 28 hwy at 65 mph.
I bought my 2002 Lincoln Ls 2 years ago and it was one of the biggest financial mistakes I have ever made. It has had problems since the day I drove it off the lot. First it was my coils, then my transmission, now its electrical problems. The only good thing I can say about this car is how good it looks on the inside and out and the fact it has a pretty smooth ride but other then that its a piece of crap. It has horrible gas mileage about 15-17 mpg city and about 20 mpg highway for the V6 version.I purchased an extended warranty through the dealer for 2,000.00 and it gave me 24 months and the guy told me it was bumber to bumber but guess what.... IT WASN'T. First time I called the warranty company they said they dont even offer a bumber to bumber warranty and that I would have to pay for the repairs myself. I have spent over 3,000 in repairs in 2 years and the bills keep coming in... I still owe about 12,000$ for it so if anyone wants to take this curse off my hands Im all ears.
Engine and transmission have been problem after problem since the day I bought it. I regret ever stepping foot onto the lot that day.
Thousands of dollars in repairs and now it's in the shop for another (not covered / warrantied ) problem. The motor for the radiator fan and the pump. $1700!
I still owe $9000 on this car, anyone want to buy it???
Maybe it's just the 2002's?
so far it has been a relatively good car. Drives beautifully and smooth, great acceleration. Replaced the oil pan gaskets at 80k miles and rear left tail light collects water; will need to replace. Cost of light assembly a year or so ago was about $125 at car dealer, now they want $295 plus. Inflation or ?.
Nice looking car, with lots of problems.
I bought the 2002 in 2004 for my wife. Because I'm a mechanic the spark/valve cover link problem was not too much of an issue. And the steering clock replacement wasn't too difficult. I would not recommend this vehicle to someone who does not do their own car repairs unless money is not an issue. If money is not an issue though you probablem wouldn't be buying this car. I however love it. The acceleration is very impressive. The ride is very comfortable and on long trips you can get where your going without feeliing beat when you get there. There are issues with this car but like I said if you're not a mechanic or know nothing about working on cars, or are rich you shouldn't own this car because your mechanic will hose you very chance you let them with this car. But for the mechanically inclined and the rich this car is a dream. Lincoln truly sets the bench mark for quality in American automobiles, and being I'm an American thats good enough for me. I owned a foriegn car once and that was enough. Never ever should any red blooded American buy or drive a foriegn car, EVER! And if you do your a trader!
I bought my 2002 Lincoln Ls with 12,000 miles on it. At 40,000 the thermostat went out, at about 45,000 the advancetrak module went out, I had spark plugs/ignition coils which are expensive going out every 6 months. I recommend finding a place that will change them all out at once. The dealership was charging me 259.00 a piece. I found a mechanic that changed out the last 5 for 600.00. They started going bad at 50,000. This car has been lady driven and only driven about 3 times a week and on a few trips. I also have oil leaking from the valve cover and the Cd player stopped working. What a car!!!!!!! I have put over 3,000 dollars in it and it only has 64,000 miles. Drives nice when not broken!!!!!!
My wife and I have owned our LS for almost three years and beyond basic maintenance all it needs is the valve covers replaced, we'll pay about $499.00 for that. We take it in to one of the local Ford, Lincoln, Mercury dealers for oil changes, on or before time every time. Until the slight oil leak was discovered they never found or recommended any other service items. We have had one tune up done $190.00, should have been $250.00 but a mistake was made on the quote and they ate the mistake (this was at another shop) and of course Air cabin filters every 6-7 months. They are hard on gas, especially in town (15-16 mpg), on a trip to Atlanta we got 24mpg, The steering is a little stiffer than I'm use to, but not a big issue. I cannot complain about performance, this car is quick, smooth, and takes curves well. We found a good one and we love it!