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1999 Lincoln Continental (4 Reviews)
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Was given this car from my Dad, because the dealer at trade in would only give him $500. He has owned this car since new and he did not put a nickel into it except for tires and Brake pads/Rotors. It had just under 200,000 miles on it when I got it. I have put another 20,000 miles on and it that time I replaced the water pump (216,000),repaired hose leaks in power steering,replaced head lamp covers (fogged up),left front outer wheel Bearing (simple job 3 bolt whole assembly comes off), The only other problems i can see coming down the road is Cat. convertor (code lights on/off occ.) Back heater drivers side quit working butt still good and just developed slight leak in trans. BUT for 220,000 miles the car is solid and rust free and we winter in OHIO. SO don't mind a few dollars into it.. It gets a solid 19 MPG.
We just bought a used 1999 Lincoln Continental.. It's a great car. Wonderful interior - nothing wrong with that! 110,000 miles (yes in 2014).. Carfax no accidents.. Minor dings on the outside. We did have to replace the Valve cover gaskets just shortly after getting it, found a great mechanic that specializes in restoration and cares about his work!.. He owns a Mustang and took great care of us. The heating doesn't heat up FAST like the old cars we are used to .. guess that's how 'luxury' is supposed to heat up.. The steering still has that nice little 'Ford' glitch when we turn as our LTD did.. and the prior Ford vehicles we've had.. it's a 'creaking' turn.. ALL of our Fords, New and old have had that.. Its a ford thing.. Other than that.. Great Car.. Very happy .. and can fit a family of 5 very comfortably..!
Purchased in late 2000 with under 20K miles. Now has 260K miles. Everything still works.. correctly. 1 tuneup, 1 water pump, 1 alternator. Zero drivetrain issues in those miles. Oil change every 3-4K, transmission oil & filter (with dropped pan) change every 30K-40K. Suggest re-seating the relays in the underhood box every 12 months or so. Reseat the connector under the right rear corner of the driver's seat about once a year. So far, all electrical issues have been fixed by simply reseating connectors (corrosion resistance). I run Michelin Harmony tires... smooth as glass. At brake pad replacement time, I have the disks turned while mounted on the car. That has permanently stopped pulsating issues with the brakes. I have replaced front and rear sway links and tie rod ends a couple of times. No issues with the air suspension. Arnott, Inc. has reasonable air spring replacements when needed. Transmission is starting to show a little age, but engine is great. This Lincoln has been as close to flawless as any auto I've owned.
really nice car i've had my 99' for 4 yrs and other than normal wear and tear i'm just now at 152,000 mi. and have to replace the power-steering pump i give this car an overall star rating of a 5. It rides really smooth and has alot of power with the 4.6l and i avg. 20 to 30 mi. a gal.