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1993 Lincoln Continental (3 Reviews)
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Car is in bad shape. I need help figuring out where can get new fuel sending unit replacement? Got this car 17 years ago been a good ole Lincoln as still drivable but needs fuel sending unit replacement.
I have the 93 lincoln continental executive series and it's been a real money pit. I've only had it for about 2 years now and had to replace many things like the whole suspension had to be converted to coil spring shocks because they used those garbage airbag shocks that don't last and rot out over time, replaced the battery many times date to it being drained by faulty switches and wires, gas gauge had stopped working at some point and I don't plan on fixing it anytime soon, and you don't ever want to replace the windshield because that will run you about $900. But in all after fixing some of the problems it really is a nice car. Gets ok mpg about 18/24mpg if your not jeeping it, the interior is very comfortable but I would prefer it had cloth seats, the exterior holds its value but sometime down the road you will run into major problems be prepared to empty your wallet.
have a 1993 Lincoln Continental that has 32,000 miles only and hasn't been driven much that I inherited from my aunt and the AC doesn't work but the heater does and the high beam doesn't work and some sort of play in steering when turning wheel left. Looking for auto repair shops that specializes in old lincolns and is more price competitive than a dealer. Need estimate to fix AC, make switch for high beam lights to stick and hold instead of having to hold by hand manually and take a look at why a little pull in steering to the left