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2003 Lincoln Aviator owners review and rate their 2003 Lincoln Aviator.

2003 Lincoln Aviator (6 Reviews)
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I bought my 2003 Lincoln Aviator new and it still drives perfect with almost 200,000 miles on it. I haven't made any repairs in 12 years except replaced the radiator once . It's been a great car and still is
I purchased my 2003 Aviator "Kittyhawk edition" brand new. I love the looks of the vehicle and overall have had great service from the Lincoln. I just installed a new Ford replacement engine to replace the original which almost made it to 200,000 (missed by only a few miles). The only "issues" I have had with the vehicle are transmission (second replacement), Ford actually has a "kit" for the transmission to repear what appears to be a common problem with these transmissions. I just replaced mine with a new unit from Ford. Had the stifter issue (a recall) that was fixed by dealer. Front power seat issue that has since been fixed, and the door seals need attention. I also have the common crack in the plastic panel below the rear window. I have taken care of my Kittyhawk and people are surprised when they learn it's a 2003, as it still looks great. Overall I would have to rate the Aviator as above average..afterall I did get close to 200,000 out of the engine...that's not bad at all...
POS!!! I bought mine in 2006 with 30 k miles. Changed the oil every 3000 miles. That car was babied and garage kept. My husband spent thousands fixing it through the 5 years we owned it. On the 3rd, YES 3rd transmission and thousands in other repair costs my husband wanted to take it to the street pour gas on it and watch it burn, but I sold it for $2500.00 to a mechanic. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!!! DO LET THE INTERIOR FOOL YOU, ITS A POS!!!
Bought my 2003 Aviator used with about 58,000 miles. Love it but wish it got better gas milage. Got expensive when gas prices went up. Long work commute!
It is in the shop now for a 3500.00 transmission replacement and a 850.00 attenuator replacement for the rear air conditioner. It's at approx 128,00 miles and I have had no other major problems.
Only issue we are having with our vehicle is the chk engine light that has been on for over a year, i had the dealer check it out and they did a fuel system cleaning, had a bank 2 O2 sensor replaced and replaced the air filter. I reset the light today and hope it dose'nt come back.
At 85000 had to replace front wheel bearing,at a cost of $356 Brakes replaced at 55000 on front$199 for the life of the car.There is a posibility that the rear Emergency brake pads may be bad,this will be checked out when the wheel bearing is replaced to cover all would be a cost of about $600 total