2007 Lexus IS250 Reviews and Owner Comments

2007 Lexus IS250 owners review and rate their 2007 Lexus IS250.

2007 Lexus IS250 (3 Reviews)
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While I love the sporty look of the IS-250, I have had 3 recalls on the vehicle since I've owned it. Lexus/Toyota does take care of its customers, but we pay a premium up-front to do so.

I've experienced excessive brake wear and brake dust on this model, but love how it drives. The inside panels of the doors and the interior decking is made of a soft material that scratches too easily and wears too quickly.

I've owned three Lexus models and have been satisfied with purchasing new versus pre-owned of which I have now.
My 2007 IS 250 has plenty of horse power for this size car. I had a brake pad problem, but Lexus paid for it. I have an open recall right now for a fuel pressure switch. I did what a lot of other people do, ( I bought a certified used car) and let someone else take the beating on the resale. My wife absolutely loves it, so that's all I need. Mom happy = Daddy happy. Anyway, good luck to all. This is a great website for anyone who owns a car. Their response time was only a few hours a most. Thanks to anyone who works for this website or company or has anything to do with this site at all. I'm a happy camper.
excessive front brake pad dust on rims. Under warranty dealer replaced the front pads and disc's free. Excellent car.