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1998 Lexus GS300 (4 Reviews)
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Hello. I love this car and so do many people that see me get out. It is completely custom and fully loaded. I got lucky. I brought the car with 199 thousand miles for 3000 dollars. I put 1000 dollars into it. It runs excellent. People think it is a 2004-2006 when it is freshly washed. I have a 1998 GS 400 body, but the engine has been changed to a 300 style. I just replaced the oil pump, timing belt, water pump, ball joints, all oxygen sensors. When you change the oil pump you will need to make sure you order the proper seals from the dealership. For the person that wanted to know about the o2 sensors, it is best to replace them all because when you go back to emissions, there will most likely be another that is bad. my Father is a mechanic so I fished out 1000 for the parts, but my parts were equaled to 2200 dollars. Thank God for Dads. The labor would have cost me 2500-3000 dollars if I would have taken it to the dealer. Just know that there are parts that you can't get anywhere but the dealer. If they send it to you it may be wrong. What a waist of time. Just go to the dealer ship and take the old part with you. I also got a new radiator, tune up, and the springs that hold the hood up. My car has 208 thousand miles. I have hot rims that need to come off because it weights the suspension down. If you have heavy rims switch. I spent so much money on the engine that I cant get new suspension stuff until August. Anyone know of the best place to go for this. Other than that, if you take care of your car it will take care of you. Lexus is expensive but it is worth it.
I purchased this car about 6 months ago. I love this car. I have a '92 sc400, as well. I am currently looking for a GS400.
I own a 1998 Lexus GS300 and I absolutely love my car. I bought it from the original owner and this will be my second GS300. The car has 89K miles on it and I just recently replaced the timimg belt, water pump, front and rear engine seals, both front lower ball joints, valve cover gasket and spark plugs at Lexus of Palm Beach just to name a few and this car can go for another 80K miles without a major problem. I just simply love the inline six cylinder engine with the real wheel drive. My car was originally bought in the State of New York so it came with the heated fron seats. It also has the Xenon lights which is kind of cool to see the lights rise up when you first turn the car on. I am not sure if the original owners replaced them since I am not sure if they were an option back in 98. The car looks flawless and I love the silver color with the nice almost new black leather interior. I also love the craftmanship of the vehicle, everything seems to be in place. I recently took it for service at the dealer and they told me that I need front struts but then again it is an 11 year old vehicle. other than that, I have not had any issues with my car and I will keep it until it dies. The transmission makes a very small noise at lower speeds especially on first gear. The dealer told me that I need to replace my transmission mount so I don't know at this point. This car is not as fast in the take off as his brother from the other mother the GS 400 but on the highway this car flies. I have taken it on the Florida's turnpike at around 120MPH and you can't even feel it. The car is very stable and it seems to accelerate quick when passing other cars at high speeds. I don't recommend you to speed but sometimes the car just wants you to hit the gas pedal to test its performance. I have owned a BMW, Acura, Audi, Honda, Infiniti Mazda and Mercedes but there is nothing like a LEXUS. I know it's a TOYOTA on STEROIDS but because of that is that I will NEVER go back to any of the other cars previoulsy mentioned. Anyways, I love my GS. I wish they would have made a special edition six speed just like the SUPRA, then we really be talking.