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2005 Lexus ES330 (6 Reviews)
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I have an 05 es330 with 65,000miles. Besides the transmission, this car is remarkable. Ocassionally it will have a sudden delay and then a jerk between 20 to 35 miles.This takes away the serenity of this beautiful sedan.I met quite a number of people whose experiences are the same.This car definitely has a transmission problem.I am now afraid to buy a Lexus in the future.
Yes, similar problems with my 2004 ES330. The acceleration hesitates, and when slowing down around 10-15 mph and not pressing gas paddle, the car jerk up the speed a little. The transmission is not functioning well. I had this problem when it was new, took to the dealership to have it examined, they said the transmission stays within the specs. Oh.. Well, over the years, I adjust my driving habits to get used to its behaviors.
i love my 200 lexus. it only has 42,000 miles on, so i wanted to keep it. then the screen for the gps and air-conditioning and heating does not work. also volume foe bluetooth not adjustable. price for new screen about $7,000. how can a car with low mileage like this, driven by a littlle old lady, get a crack in the screen? if anyone has the same problem or knows what causes it, please let me know.
I owned a 2005 ES330, very happy with it, but the same problem, the transmission waits to start going fast, I agree it is dangerous when making left turns and trying to go fast,
I have 111000 on mine not many probles has been very reliable however the transmission has a serious fault. When you slow down and then try to speed up the car hesittates about a full second. This is very dangerous when making a left turn I alost ggot hit a couple of times when I first got the car.
Poor low beam lights. Roof line to low for entering driver's side. Occasional jerking of car when accelerating after slowing down.