2004 Lexus ES330 Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Lexus ES330 owners review and rate their 2004 Lexus ES330.

2004 Lexus ES330 (4 Reviews)
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Bought my 04 ES330 in 2010...only has 114,000 miles. tired of the transmission issue...jerk-lack of power-slow told there is no adjustment for this issue....sad
I purchased this car 2004 USED in 2006 from a Lexus dealer with remaining warranty on it but no additional warranty. The car had 19K miles on it. Six years only has 43K on it and still rides like a dream!!! The ONLY thing I've done to the car besides routine maintenance is change the tires at 41,000 miles and 2 batteries....THAT'S IT!!!! Nothing has broken down on this car. My auto repair place still says that my brakes are good and don't need replacement!!! It's a challenge...but I'm going to see if I can make this my last car before I die since I put low mileage on it and I'm only 58 years old- lol.
I've had major problems with AC and after a $2000.00 repair still having air misdirected thru the defrost vents in lieu of the main AC vents in the center of the counsel.
Really like my lexus. It's really smooth. Not a fun car, (It doesn't feel ike this car can be safely driven hard ) but it's more refined.