2002 Lexus ES300 Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Lexus ES300 owners review and rate their 2002 Lexus ES300.

2002 Lexus ES300 (10 Reviews)
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Purchased a certified Lexus in 2005 my baby has 134,000 miles I take care of all the services at Lexus dealer. The ES has great handling like the quality of it while doing me well with no major problems to list runs good. Overall has an better ride than a 2008 test drove as being pre owned very quiet automobile love it. I would never trade of get rid of this car all maintenance turns out low with nothing putting expensive in the book it's a decent car being top of the line to say it is over 12 years old but a joy driving it.
Bought my 2002 ES300 instead of a car I went to purchase in Florida. Had 75,000 miles on it when I bought it 3 years has 92,000 miles. Great car except for the lousy Dunlop tires they had on it so I changed to Kumho's and it now rides like a dream! Only trouble I had with the car is because it came from Florida to NJ the engine seal started to leak. Brought it to mechanic and he tightened up some bolts and (knock on wood) it stopped leaking. Only thing I am not crazy about is the brakes...the peddle goes a little to far down to the floor.... Great riding car...could use a little more power but overall a 9.5 out of 10.
I purchased this car used about 4 years ago. It now has about 120k miles on it, and it still drives like a dream. The transmission is a joke. It is the WORST shifting tranny I have ever had in any car. Other than that I love it. Everything is tight, and quiet at any speed. Wish it had a little more power, but what it does have is sufficient to move around town with ease. I would recommend this car to anyone on a budget, looking for a solid, reliable entry level luxury car. Just make sure you do the recommended services on it, use premium gas, and synthetic oil, and it should be a good solid casr for many years to come. *fingers crossed I am right*
Very happy with this car!!! Over 112000 miles....
Excellant car.
I also have a 1992 Lexus ES 300. It has 160,000 miles. All I have done is change the timing belt, changed the radiator (at a Toyota dealer), CV joints and the radio antennae. I was going to sell it but folks here have quoted that they have it for 240,000 miles. So I will keep mine. It is very reliable and I get 32 miles a gallon on freeway, more if I go slower than 80 mph.
Bought the 2002 es300 with 7K in 2004. This car hasn't cost a cent except maintenance. I'm serious about keeping a car in good shape. Had the timing belt and water pump, plugs, trans flush done at a dealer in arkansas. This was at 90K. It has 93K on it now. I'd like a newer one but this thing is no doubt the best car for luxury, ride, milage that I've ever owned. I quit g.m. in 1998 after having a lemon law buick, then a pontiac. With the g.m.'s I was in the shop every two weeks. The lexus has persuaded me to purchase a new rav 4. Love it to. v-6 4wheel dr. sport 27mph on road and 22 around town in the mountains. I'm a faithful toyota-lexus fan for life.
Great car. Just passed 227,000 miles. Luxurious ride, quiet and peaceful. Hope it hopes indefinitely.
Fantastic car - runs like a Swiss watch. Dead silent at all speeds, with excellent road feel. No problems of any kind since new. Excellent reliability, fit and finish. Good dealer service as well. Nothing other then normal replacement items (tires, wiper blades, oil, etc.). Would recommend to anyone.
Great car!!!