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1995 Lexus ES300 owners review and rate their 1995 Lexus ES300.

1995 Lexus ES300 (2 Reviews)
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I LOVE my Lexus. It has been the best used car I have ever owned. I paid $4,900 in march 2003. The car was 8 years old (1995) and had 155K miles.This is a very good solid car. I have had it 8 years and spent about $2,000 TOTAL MAINTENANCE COST over that period of time.

The repairs I have done are:
1-On the rear bank of cylinders the valve cover gasket may start leaking at about 190K miles. I could not do this job myself. I cost me about $400 for parts and labor.
2- the CV axle boots seem to tear on them and then cause the axle to dry out of grease and then go bad. I bought remanufactured axles (like new) and paid $80 per axle ($160 total) and did all the work myself. It would take me one whole day (8-9 hours) to replace the two axles. A shop will charge about $400 labor.
3-When the car gets over 220K miles the rear bearing hubs will start to wear and make some noise. Eventually they go bad and you need to replace them. I waited about 20K miles before I replaced mine. They cost $210 each or $420 total. I replaced these hub assemblies and again it took me an entire day 8-9 hours. A shop would charge about $450 to replace them because you have to take off the rear brakes to get to them (at least on a 1995 model)
4-I had to replace the radiator last spring. Parts $120, did all labor myself.
5-At 245K miles I had to pay a shop to replace a high pressure powersteering pump line. Parts and labor $400.

Things that are worn on the car.
1-Front drivers seat is torn and looks bad, but still comfortable. I am still trying to find an inexpensive ($200-$300) repair fo the leather. Anyone have any good ideas. If so, email me at darinpjp at ya who dott commm.
2-The transmission JUST failed at 290K miles. I did a bunch of research and the cheapest place I found was in Chicago for $999. They said they will remove the trans, rebuild it in their shop, then put it back in. I don't think this includes a remanufactured tourque converter.

I have yet to decide if I will repair the car or donate it to charity and get another Lexus. Overall, despite the failed trans, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND any of the Lexus ES models.

Hope this review helps others.
This car require very little maintenance.Comfortabe and dependable. Run good. Excellent auto