1993 Lexus ES300 Reviews and Owner Comments

1993 Lexus ES300 owners review and rate their 1993 Lexus ES300.

1993 Lexus ES300 (2 Reviews)
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I have two Lexus ES 300.
93 ES 300- had approximately 260K miles. on it and runs very strong.
'96 ES 300 - Runs like silk. This car rides and drive very well. No problems with this car at all. Its waiting on the next adventure.
this car has been through it all and has never given me any serious problems
(She had 185000 miles when i bought her and now she is over 212000)

the ones i do have are simple enough

bulb in dash needs to be replaced

radiator needed to be changed 30 min job

heat could be hotter but it does great as long as you are moving

and air intake hose cracked a 3 min repalacement job

air conditioner blows hot but i have 4 windows and a moonroof

and i broke the front drivers axel in a pothole but overall i think i have spent
300 on repairs since i bought her for 3600
i aint mad at all

i just don't have the tools to give it a tune-up

She rolls like a new car especially after repairing that intake hose
and i have no idea how to replace the guage lights they come on intermittently

the body was great but had suffered hail damage so i took off for that and who knew how important cup holders and ashtray placement were(picky)

as soon as i can afford a tune up i will jump for joy again