1996 Land Rover Range Rover Reviews and Owner Comments

1996 Land Rover Range Rover owners review and rate their 1996 Land Rover Range Rover.

1996 Land Rover Range Rover (1 Review)
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I bought this ol' gal..Named her Prissy.. from EBay after losing my Lexus in a divorce. Priss was weird from the start and scared the heck out of me for the first few months with her unpredictability. She would stop for no reason, would refuse to start.. etc etc. It wasnt unlikely to see me sitting her along side the road crying my eyes out.
I finally found a mechanic here in Anchorage - FATS auto... and they saved me. Rather than see a woman who the could 'take' all the way... they treated me and Priss very fairly. Soon Priss came to love Alaska. However, there have bee a few problems lately. I forgot to add coolant. oops. The heater wasnt working so well. I left her downtown and cabbed it home one night and the next morning she just would not start.I thought I was going to die!!! we jumped her and i noticed the coolant overflow had cobwebs in it!!. I cant find the actual radiator cap so i filled up the overflow. Worked great until i got home and garaged her. Frigging coolant everywhere.
I paniced.. thinking the WORST...
but... Priss is somewhat of a magical girl. She has fixed herself.
no leaks, nothing.
she kind of freaks me out you know?? But i love her