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1993 Land Rover Range Rover (2 Reviews)
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It is my second 1993 County LWB---The first one, was really nice and clean---sorted and running smooth; but an 18 year old girl, two lanes to my left, was text-messaging and got a message that she had missed her turn--so she whipped it to the right and struck me just behind my seat, in the passenger door: I rolled over 2 complete times. Maybe it was the after-market coil-spring conversion that added to the instability; but the safety and integrity of that Range Rover, during the two complete barrel rolls, was impressively solid. The next 1993 I seek out will have the EAS intact. A functioning EAS somewhat verifies the maintenance ethics of the previous owner/s. The problem with the air suspension is often a simple inexpensive O-ring, but a mechanic wants to scare you into a $1,200.00 coil-spring conversion for his own benefit. Coil spring conversions mean that someone was gouged (Spring-conversions are NOT a good sales feature)---and it is too bad that the electronic air suspension was gutted. 1993 is the last year of the true pure-British Land Rover. In 1994, the Teutons raided Solihull, then in 1996 Ford ganged up (And now Fords are looking like Land Rovers). The Long Wheel Base is a very comfortable ride. There is something very classic about the last British-owned year of the hard-dash County LWB: The last stage of Charles Spensor King's (Nephew of Land Rover's Wilks brothers) iconic automobile design.
This 4.2 liter LWB has been remarkably extremely reliable for over 140,000 miles. It has never left me stranded. Despite all the horror stories that one hears about Range Rovers. Considering how remarkable these cars are..its pretty straight forward pertaining to the engine and drive train. I would want no other 4x4 in the extremes
in remote Northern Arizona....