2004 Land Rover Discovery Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Land Rover Discovery owners review and rate their 2004 Land Rover Discovery.

2004 Land Rover Discovery (3 Reviews)
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Have owned a 2004 SE7 since '05 - purchased used from LR Dealer with 20k miles, now has 76k. In the 6 yrs of ownership, it has been very, very good - although not perfect: loves to drink premium gas, window motors in both front doors needed replaced, moonroof seals are leak prone, and CD 6-pk got stuck & needed repaired. Mechanically, it has been flawless UP UNTIL NOW - coolant has been disappearing (resovoir almost empty after only a month after filling) with no obvious signs of leaks. Little bit of research online yielded Head Gasket Issues as source - which will not be fun to replace. Still, as it's the only Real powertrain issue in 6 yrs of ownership, overall the truck is a tank and has been dependable. My family is safe in it and, of course, it's offroad capabilities are absolutely incredible. Although head gasket repair is not a cheap by any means, we remain very pleased overall with our Disco and look forward to several more years of ownership.
The vehicle is great. HOWEVER...DON"T deal with the dealer if you can avoid will be a nightmare. ALSO, the electrical systems suck..always a problem. Every door lock does not work..all 5doors and NO RECALL. It drive sgreat and handles well in the snow..
Great Truck