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2000 Kia Sportage owners review and rate their 2000 Kia Sportage.

2000 Kia Sportage (5 Reviews)
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Best little car i have ever owned. Replaced timing belt every 80000. Parts are cheap online .Normal repairs brakes and wiper blades new tires , Has 400 THOUSAND miles and other than a vacum leak on the four wheel drive it Has never let me down. Still gets around 25 mpg .
popping and squeaking noise when you turn stearing can't figure out why have replace everything known to replace. this is a 2000 kia sportage rear wheel drive
I bought this Kia Sportage off the street in Anchorage, AK with only 10000 miles in 2005. I added AC and roof racks from Kia.....very easy to add and all the parts had the exact bolts, clamps, etc that were needed to accomplish the job. It now has over 80000 miles showing and about 60000 towed, which do not show. This is my second Sportage, the first one had 235000 miles showing and about 100000 towed, not shown. It is still being driven in AK.
2000 Kia sportage LX 2.0 16v engine, manual transmission, EU model. Nice car, ai this moment about 100.000 miles, no problems.
Had broken fuel tank (plastic), water in ventilation sytem, blockade of windows system, problems with fuel tank replacing (connectors are getting hard with years).
car needs a lot of work but I only paid 1300.00,but 500 should do it.