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2007 Kia Spectra (7 Reviews)
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I purchased my 2007 Spectra in August of 2007. I have 118,000 miles on it now and thus far, other than the oil, the only parts I've changed are the thermostat (once), the brakes all around (once), a park light and a headlight. Twice the car didn't start for me in 6 1/2 years, and both times it was because I'd left a light on all night. I don't care that it's not pretty, it has been a blessing that hasn't put a dent in my pocketbook, something I appreciate as I drive past so many pretty cars on the bed of the repo man's truck. I never expected this car to be so amazingly dependable when I drove it off the lot 6 1/2 years ago.
I bought mine brand new for the money its been a real good car the only issue i have had with it is the oxygen sensors have been replaced with low milage and the check engine light has been on a few times i bring it in and its always the oxygen sensors. other than that i cant complain. great on gas and reliable!
Me and my wife got this one brand new! We aren't the best at taking care of our vehicles, but we try our best to be on top of the maintenance.
It now has 76k miles on it and is still going strong. The only things I have replaced, other than fluids, are the Battery and wipers. I couldn't ask for a more reliable car.
Bought this used in June of 2009. I've had it 14 months and it has been great. I drive it everywhere... A lot! Had a problem with the doors locking on their own. Warranty took care of it with no hassles whatsoever. Not a bad little stereo either.
we bought our kia from a rental company with 20k has 41k with no problems whatsoever. daily driven, freeway miles. just put gas in and go! oil changed every 3k religiously, tires checked every 2 weeks. I was skeptical at first but for the price, it can't be beat. Several friends have Honda Fits and they are amazed by the Kia's power and gas mileage. Thanks KIA!!!!
I brought car in 2007 brand new off the lot. A year later I starting having major issues. Like the cutting off after I gased up to a full tank. The car would just shake, meter lights would come on then car shut down. I have taken it in multiple times. First I was told it was the gas canister need to be replaced,and speak plugs. Did that, two weeks later it started shutting off again. Engine flushed, air filter replaced. I was told I need a whole gas tank and valves replaced. I want to get another car and just be done with the spectra. It a nice car and all but not for me. Hopefully not again
Exterior paint job is inferior as well as fit & finish. Mechanically it seems fine. Excellant economy.