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2011 Kia Sorento (6 Reviews)
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Terrible ride! Front end bangs at every bump. Struts were checked NY dealer...not leaking... New tires didn't help. Have owned a Sante comparison. The Sorrento is the worst riding vehicle I have ever owned!
A peice of junk
I have less than 18,000 miles on my kia, most of the driving would be called county, not city. I took my car in because a squeel could be heard when in revers, Was told the front brakes mounting was slightly out of whack and not to worry, they would fix when ever wanted. last week i took the car in and found the front rotors were rusted so badly the pads were shot. How can a rotor rust, if the pads are engaging, the pads act like sand paper and clean up the rotor surface. If the brakes auto adjust when in reverse mine should have been well adjusted. I need to backup 120 feet to get out of my driveway. I think the pads were misadjusted or the auto adjust function failed and the pads didn't engage the rotors in front untill I did a emergency style stop.

I have a manual 6 speed and on the hiway get 52 mph with cruise set at 65. I am very satisfied overall but, now know that next time the rotors and brake pads need replacing not to have oem parts installed. Other kia owners reported rotors needing turning every 3 thousand to 6 thousand miles.

Average rotor and pad life is 30 to 40 thousand miles. Kia needs to address this problem. Note: rotors and pads are not warrantied
Kia is a good car unless you need to have them worked on.. Then get ready for all kinds of run around.. Next time I will stick to the good old FORDS AND CHEVY!!
well here goes...have a kia sorrento 2011...startd giving problems back in oct..was takn to a kia place (bn nice)..they ran diagnostics couldnt find anything...came back we conttinued to drive it....well the clickn got worse when tryn to start it was all random..but they car was not drivn much..cause it would leave ya made an appt at another kia place to get it lookd was acting up really bad 4 days b4 the appt so we just took it was running when i pulld into the bay at the kia place and has not ran since...been a week today since i was there...they have replaced the starter stil not runnin...replaced relay...still not they r say its the pcm...but and i say but they r tryn to say bcause we added some components to the stereo system that our warranty may not b valid.that is crazy the problm was reported months ahead of the install..ughhhhh im tryn to deal with this and my boyfriend (his car)is in afghanastan...i truly love kia cars but this is some bull...does any one have any suggestions...according to magnuson-moss warranty act they cant do this...please help
i bought my sorento in december i was so happy. 4 days after buying there was a recall on the breaks which was fixed very quickly. so it was back to normal then i have that defence system on there so i would be notified if it was stolen. well christmas night i got over 32 messages to contact the state police my vehicle had been stolen of course in panic mode then i look outside my house there was my vehicle. then i calmed done because my car was not stolen. then for three weeks after the messages never stopped. called quirk kia they sad call the company of the system it had nothing to do with t hem. it was even bad while i was driving and i was getting the messages. finally after two and a half months they decided to replace the defence system. after that my drivers side window was always getting stuck so i brought it to the dealer to get it fixed they pretty much told me i was crazy they had ran every test possiable and it was fine 1month later it was stuck again and it stayed like that for 3 days so i brought it back into the dealer. still being stuck i was actually very happy so they could see it. they brought it in to work on it they told me that it was my fault they had to replace the motor in the window. that only happens from rapid movement of up and down. you are supposed to wait 5 minutes in between from putting it up and doen. that was great that they actually didnt chage me. now that was almost 2 weeks ago and i was also promised that i would be called when the touch up paint that i had ordered came in. and of course QUIRK KIA is the WORST DEALER EVER and guess what i didnt get my call yet. the car is 6 months old there is still other problems i didnt list save that for a rainy day