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2009 Kia Sorento owners review and rate their 2009 Kia Sorento.

2009 Kia Sorento (2 Reviews)
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We have purchased a lemon from KIA and they do not honor their warranty. They are very rude and unconcerned about fixing our vehicle. Working with them has been extremely difficult. The BBB gave them 30 days to fix our vehicle and they did not. Now the BBB wants to give them 30 more days since they didn't fix it the first time. This is not acceptable. KIA is a very disappointing company to work with. I would not recommend them to anyone. sorento now has 16500 one year later..still running good no problems..Ok people my sorento now has 10495 miles on still getting about 17 city and 22 highway.That trim piece along the bottom of the window on rear door drivers side is now popping off again and i have taken to the dealer again to have it replaced which is still under warrenty.I bought my sorento with 24 miles on it brand new..i now have 1800 miles on it 6 weeks later..i love the power and 4x4 living here in michigan it works extremely well..even on the coldest mornings (so far -5) this thing warms up fast..within 4-5 miles of driving its blowing hot air. im averaging 22mpg combined driving..went on a trip to ohio 680 miles total and i got 24mpg highway does better than what is expected. kia is now 4 months old.. i have 5900 miles on it milage has gone down to 18 city 22 highway..i have taken it for some molding that has popped loose..the black rain channel on the roof on the passenger side the front clip broke so it was replaced and the window molding on rear door drivers side along the bottom had a bad clip so when window was rolling up it would pop out of place...anyone out there just a warning!!!!!!!! my service manager told me all cosmetics on the kia needs to be fixed in 1 yr 12,000 miles for it to be covered under other problems still love my kia...