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2007 Kia Sorento (4 Reviews)
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Have a 2007 Kia Sorento, shortly after the 5 tear 60000 mile warrenty was up the rear Differential went out, Kia wont honer the 10 yr 100000 mile power train warrenty because I;m the second owner.
After going round and round with Kia and the local Dealer Courtesy Kia altoona, CROOKS I bought a new diff. online from an honest dealer in Kansas, had it shipped, had a local mechanic install it and was still 30% under what the local dealer wanted for the PART.
Now I have a chain rattle noise in the engine, and developing a knock, every mechanic that has looked at it says UNLOAD it. No one locally even wants to work on it and after the Diff. issues with Coutesy Kia, and their outrageous price to even look at it, I guess its time to dump it befor the transmition goes.
I have had my 2007 Kia Sorento for about 4 years. I never had any problems out of it until recently, I have replace the same head light 3 times; it seems they last about 6 months. I replaced a sensor that controls the traction control the car was going into the safe engine mode and I had no power just enough to move the car off the road. Now it is making a loud noise not sure what it is from; maybe power steering or water pump I'm guessing.
Got my Kia new in 2008. So far i've only had one problem, which is the passenger airbag sensor. Seems to go on or off when it feels like. This wasn't anywhere near the top of my list of cars to buy, but I'm happy to say that i haven't had any problems with it. I've actually come to enjoy it. It drives really nice and smooth, AND i can fit into almost any parking space! which is a nice change from the Yukon that I had.
I haven't had this car a year yet and the A/C compressor makes a loud knocking sound when switched on, the front dome light doesn't work, the tailgate shocks squeek, the ESC light comes on saying "off" when I haven't switched it off, the passenger air bag sensor works when it wants to, check engine light is on, and the brake switch under the brake petal has gone out causing me to have NO brake lights.