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2006 Kia Sorento (20 Reviews)
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Have a 2006 sorento it runs great go to shift it out of park and no matter what gear it goes on it wont matter wont move whats the problem has 180000 miles on it check engine is on what do i do
I Bought my 2006 kia sorento new in 2006 no problems till these last 3 years replaced headlights bulbs 3 times replaced brake light bulbs 4 times replaced powersteering pressure hose replaced altenator still have to replace air conditioning compressor went out this car is nickle and dime me to death have to keep it its paid off
Power steering. Seems the tech at KIA Peoria don't know how to fix the problem returned it four times and is still leaking. Factory rotors were replaced after 50,000 miles now they say the new ones are cheap and they are probably warped. Third time to replace the rotors. When I brake the front in shakes and I am told it is the rotors. The service tech says he will sell me good ones for $200.00. Wow! such a deal. The refrigeration had to be replaced I don't know how many times I have had to replace lights inside and out. I have over 100,000 on my Silverado and I have only replaced the water pump except for batteries and tires. Guess I will stay with America made products. DOON'T BUY KIA - THEY ARE JUNCK AND THE TECHS DON'T NOW HOW TO FIX ANYTHING RIGHT. Chuck Akers, Phoenix, Arizona
Buying a Kia is like buying a computer printer, cheap inital cost but expensive for parts and ink and no resale value. I will NEVER buy another Kia. Have had a 2006 Sorento for four years now can't afford to keep it and can't afford to sell it. Lights, brakes, exhaust, timing belt, water pump (labor)... most expensive (and most squirrelly) 4WD that I have ever owned.
All I HAVE TO SAY IS That kia must have stock in a light bulb factory. have a 2006 sorento in last 2 years changed out the rear light' s 4 times today the tehe lamps. it funny I have a 94 pontiac and have never change on bulb
I have a 2004 KIA Sorrento and I will also comment on the Head light sucks..... I too replace bulbs all the time. I was told that when you replace one you need to replace them on both sides. when you replace just one side the other side will go out right behind it. I found that replacing them both at the same time dose make a difference but they still should not blow like they do and..... not to mention it is a pain in the butt to get them head lights out....speaking from a single lady that does her own minor repairs!
Have to piggy back on the headlight issue, I have changed out the headlight bulbs routinely, alternating sides. The other huge issue is that I was driving around and lost power steering and the brake light came on, went under the hood and discovered the belts were loose. Started to change out the belts and discovered that the crankshaft bolt had snapped. Took it to Kia figuring it would fall under the warranty and of course, does not becuase it is a 580 part. Now they are awaiting a tool to try and repair my vehicle as well as another with same issue. I have researched online and it seems there are multiple issues with this. Not a happy Sorento customer!
My two rear brake lights do not work while my high above hatch door light does.I changed the fuse and the two light bulbs. Still does not work

Does anyone have any idea?
Love my car, HATE that I have to replace my headlight lamps every other month....I called the Kia dealership in Gardendale Alabama.....I explained what was going on, they replied...."bring it in and we will check it out, BUT we will charge you for it."
My gosh, charge me for a problem that seems to be wide spread! come on kia, get your priorities in order! fix YOUR problem!
Other than that, I love the car.
Hi, my name is Anthony R. Smith I have A 06 KIA , the check engine light came on I don't know what to do. help me plese . tell me what to do ,thank you.
2006 Sorento with same headlight problem everyone else has. Kia's response was the NHTSA has not "forced us" to issue a recall. If enough ownners file a complaint maybe they will recall this car. The headlight problem is a real safety issue. Maybe someone has to die in a nighttime crash. At times, both headlights will go out at once.
I bought mine Nov 05, it was my third KIA, I love it, 32,000 miles so far. I did replace the original tires last year, but that was my choice, I wanted a little smoother ride. I to have had to replace both of my original headlights once each. Everything else so far so good.
I bought my kia used, it was a year old. I too have replaced the headlights repeatedly as well as the brake lights. I just found a recall for the brake lightswitch.My electrical system is all messed up though check engine light is on, front wipers came on and wont go off I had the switch replaced and the wiper motor but that didin't help, they are still going.
I purchased my 2006 Kia Sorento new in June 2006. Everything worked fine for a little over a year. In Sept 2007 I had a headlight to go out. Since that time (Sept 2007 to present) I have replaced the headlights 13 times almost always alternating between the left and right lights. I have also replaced my brake lights 4 times, 2 on each side. In addition, I only have 1 light that is still burning in my center console. My heating and air system is also confused. With the dial set on the upper vents, air continues to blow from the floor vents and vice-versa. I also had to replace all 4 tires because my Kia came from the factory with negative camber which caused my tires to wear unevenly. Even though I had my tires rotated, the repair shop never clued my in until the tires were too far gone. Other than these problems I've had seemingly good luck with my Kia considering I've put 102,000 miles on it in 3 year.
2006 bought new kia sorento $25,000

headlights/taillights/turn signal lights/brakes/
air cond. system replacement/ radio(always sounds fuzzy) repairs/
wiper issues/ etc. $5 gazillion dollars

watchin the piece of s**t sink in the river..... PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought my 2006 Kia from a car rental company and except for the Headlight problem like the other owners here and the spark plug ordeal it has been a great car. The headlight problem I solved by changing brands of bulbs, I spent a hundred bucks on Sylvania bulbs and when I switched to G.E. bulbs my problem was solved. The spark plug ordeal is only for those who change their own, you have to take the carb off to replace one plug, so if you are going to replace the plugs yourself buy a carb gasket before you start ! Other that normal wear and tare it has been problem free so far, fingers crossed, LOL! Hope this helps other owners, wish I had known before I spent the money on several bulbs and a carb gasket.
I have an 2006 Kia Sorento. Aside from replacing a headlight and having had it sit too long on the lot before purchase(rotors warped) it was fine until I was on a 4 lane highway at rush hour with cars buzzing by and the front driveshaft bolt came out.and banged at the under carriage of the car. Before I could tell what was happening, I find myself
stuck in the left lane - car going no where. Fortunately, I lived to tell the tale. Waiting to hear what KIA has to say. 49,000 miles.
I purchased the 2006 Kia new in 2006. I have replaced both headlights and one taillight. I have no other trouble with the vehicle. I have just over 75,000 miles.
I have a 2006 Kia Sorento which I purchased used in 2007. Since owning the vehicle I have replaced 3 headlights, can't even count how many brake lights. The dome light doesn't come on when you open the door. The cargo axillary outlet stopped working in 2007, the cigarette outlet stopped working in 2008. I had to replace all 4 tires in 2009 and now in 2010 the rear wiper blade doesn't work. I just replaced the driver's headlight on friday, it is now wednesday and guess what... same light is out again. I would NEVER recommend this car to anyone... I'm gonna go back to buying the Honda... those cars last forever with no problems!
i bought my car used 8 months ago,the only issue i had was my brake lights going out,had to replace them once and my headlight just went out all of a sudden,otherwise i have no complaints,she rides lovely on the highway for those long trips.she's the best car i ever had