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2004 Kia Sorento (20 Reviews)
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I purchased a Kia for my Daughter 7 years ago. This car has taken her through High school,College and now Grad School. College and Grad school has been over 100 miles away. She love this car and it has been a blessing for us. We purchased this car used with over 60,000 miles. We have had our share of repairs however repairs come with normal wear and tear on a vehicle. When we purchased the car we had several problems with the head lights and a mechanic told us that we needed to purchase a ring that goes on the headlight where it connects. We have not had a problem since adding this part to the head lamp. Try it! It works!
coolant fan will not shut off, doors lock an unlock by themselves. Call me crazy but I love my KIA
Bought my Sorento new in 2005 & thought yay!! Have a vehicle with great coverage! Wrong .... Replaced a lot of headlights,belts,small stuff that adds up. But last week the crank shaft bolt broke off & went through a head gasket! No recall on the bolt! My Sorento only had 80,000 !! Crazy that my car is worth nothing now. I will never buy another Kia, they don't stand behind their vehicles!!!! The mechanics just want to up sell every time you're in for service!!
Thankful it broke down in my driveway & not on the road.
Not at a good financial stage in my life right now. But thanks to KIa, I had to buy a new vehicle & no it's not another Kia!!!!!!
my car position lights front and rear doesnot comes on when switch to on drive in night realy problem e mail
The best SUV's we have even owned, we have an 04 and an 05 and have had to do nothing but regular maintenance. Mine, the 04 has 76K and the original spark plugs and still gets 20-22 MPG.
The 05 in still like new and has only 27K on it, if we ever do trade. it'll be for more Sorrento's.
On a trip to Chicago my drive axle went out...had it fixed while I was there & same thing happened again on the way home. had the car towed to a dealer(not a Kia Dealer.. wasn't one close enough)..service Mgr. said problem was because of lack of tread between front tires & rear...warranty company agreed. Garage in IN told me to have dealer take car out of four-wheel drive & put in two- wheel..did that. Drove it back to IN to be repaired AGAIN..garage repaired...said car was missing the heat shield??? Because of that missing it melted the bushings...they made no mention of the tire issue??? I'm not quite sure what to think!
will never buy another kia. junk.
Bought new in 04. NO big problems,46000 miles. Had to replace front tires and get wheels aligned 10/11. Replaced front rotors in November 2011, had just a little warp feeling in brake pedel.One set of brakes. Nothing else. Car doesn't even need plugs yet.And dealer I bought from Jack Miller Kia, has had it in shop at there request just to check it out. No cost to me. If I had to buy another car, it would be another Sorento!!!!!
just junk, cannot say anymore..stay away.
ill never buy 1 again!!!!!
Great vehicle, only issues have been:

- Poor highway MPG
- Paint flaking off on spoiler and both mirrors.
- Frequent replacing of bulbs for headlights and brake lights.
i have a 04 sorento and its got 60k miles. i too have changed the headlights at least 10 times and tail lights about 4 times. the clock loses power and resets all the time. my overdrive dont even work. took it to the dealer and they said its ok as long as i dont tow anything. i fill up my gas and the gauge dont work properly. just seems like everything is electrical. just so happens that the electrical warranty is 40k miles. about a month ago front drive shaft went out. luckily it was still under warranty. also heater did not work properly. would start the car up in the winter only to find out that the heater doesnt get hot until i give it gas. got it fixed about a year ago and now its still doing the same thing. i would not recommend buying a kia. this is my last one.
I love my Kia Sorrento, 2004...but am repulsed by Kia Dealerships and their service centers. On my way to work recently I noticed that my air bag warning lamp came on. In the owners manual, it states to take your vehicle directly to a Kia authorized dealership or service center when the air bag warning lamp comes on for an immediate inspection to avoid automatic airbag inflation or faulty air bag inflation in accident. I did just that and guess what....they would not inspect my airbag unless I paid them a diagnostic fee of $110. they said it is store policy that they cannot even look under the hood unless a customer pays the diagnostic fee. I asked, "So you want me to pay you $110 fee to tell me something is wrong with my airbag and SRS system, even though the light is on telling me there is.....? And theservice clerk said yes, and then he would be able to confirm the cost to fix the problem. I took my car to the Autozone by my house and the clerk there tested my starter and battery, telling me sometimes starters and faulty batteries can cause the air bag light to come on....and after 30 seconds he confirmed that my starter would probably need to be replaced. I had the starter replaced and the air bag light never came on again. Do you think Kia could have told me that a faulty starter is probably the cause and do a simple test for me? Nope, they want their $$$$ first and foremost, to heck with my safety, nor did they value me as a customer......
I purchased my Kia Sorento LX in 2004 brand new. Over the years I have replaced at least 15 headlights and multiple tail lights, the coolant reservoir busted and was replaced, Both front seat belt harnesses were also replaced while under warranty because they no longer retracted. I can't keep it in alignment and now I have transmission issues. I am skeptical of taking it to a dealer because I have never been treated with anything but disdain from KIA. When I first got my car and to this day there is a sound that engages as soon as you start to move either forward or back when starting the car. The repair facility told me it was my anti-lock brakes - but I believe it is something to do with the transmission since all the other anti-lock brakes I have ever had do not make noise! What a JOKE - a 100,000 mile warranty - KIA does NOT stand behind their product.
I had issues after issues with my lights and electrical. Gas light would come on even though I had a full tank of gas. Interior lights only worked part of the time. Worst issue was when my teenaged children were driving and involved in a rollover crash at 65 mph's and not one air bag deployed. My son was seriously hurt and air lifted to the hospital. They both had their seatbelts on as they had marks from them but neither seatbelt stayed locked. I will never own another KIA.
i brought my kia and with the 1st 30 days they had to replace my heads on i did buy this used for a good dealer now my a/c is gone and my valve cover gasket is leaking I HATE MY TRUCK
Bought a used 2004 Kia with 53K on it, during the first 30 days it had to have a new coolant tank (no heat) and a Throttle Position Sensor. Since then, the compressor on the A/C went out (covered under extended warranty thank GOD), and now tires are wearing on inside of tire and I had it aligned TWICE and it STILL pulls HARD to the right. I'm getting the two front tires replaced and taking it back in if it is still pulling to right after new tires and balancing. Just one blown light for me so far. Otherwise I really like the vehicle overall.
Do not buy a KIA. I bought this used at 40,000 miles, 2 yrs ago. Since then, here are the repairs I had to eat the cost: Engine, tires, brakes, antifreeze container, starter, battery, water hose, 2 wheel barrings, and various other little issues with the KIA still leaking antifreeze, oh and I changed the headlights, tailights. wow.
I haven't had as many electrical problems as others BUT... Bought new in 2004, 7 miles on the car. It was fine until about 6 months from when it was paid off. Since August 2009, I have had to replace the timing belt, brakes, among other things and now it's in the shop again. There was a recall on the crank shaft bolt but not including the 2004's, how convenient. FIRST AND LAST Kia. In addition it can't idle for more than 2 seconds without shaking like a leaf.
KIA Motors is NOT customer friendly. I have had nothing but trouble with making them honor the warranty on my vehicle. My 2004 Sorento has blown one exterior light after another since I purchased the vehicle in 2005. Kia at first refused to pay for the bulbs, saying they were not covered under warranty. Finally they did not charge for the bulbs (that went out over and over). Now, my Kia warranty has expired and I find out NOW that Kia knew all along there is a defect with the wiring harness, but they NEVER EVER replaced those on my vehicle. Are you kidding me? I have never in my 50 years had any service provider know what a problem was on a warrantied item and just flat out refuse to fix it, until KIA. They have lost my business forevermore over just that. I have to wonder how many more KIA owners are being screwed over by service personnell who really know how to fix a reoccurring problem with the Kia vehicle, but just won't FIX IT! BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE of Kia service warranties, service contracts and dealers. They are now the most dishonest people I have ever had the displeasure of having to deal with. Very unprofessional, and they will side step any issue. The dealership I deal with has been HUFFINES KIA in Denton, TX. Even KIA MOTORS will not step up and pay now to make the correct fix for my cars problems with the lights. They had every opportunity to fix the problem while my warranty was in effect, but they simply "band aided" and refused to make the correct repairs. UNBELIEVABLE! Heed my warning: STAY AWAY FROM KIA!!