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2005 Kia Sedona (14 Reviews)
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this van is a go single with no male help.had it a yr put 30,000 miles on repairs also demolished a txter that ran into me at 50 miles an hr.only damage was cosmetic.demolished his van;)
Piece of junk. I have been paying on this vehicle for two years and I have put too many replacement parts on it. The harmonic balancer came off while I was driving. These parts are heat synced on and are not suppose to just fly off while driving. The drive window motor has quit working. I am constantly replacing brakes and changing the transmission fluid. Every time I try to run the AC the belt brakes and I have to replace it. I did not buy the car new but it has been nothing but trouble and I really wished I had never purchased it. I would not recommend anyone buying a Kia.
Nothing but problems with our 2005 kia Sedona, that we just paid off this past April ,new tramsmittion in October of last year, always putting new brakes on,continuous squeaking brakes now the cooling/heating pipes are rusted, van overheated anti-freeze leaked all over the place, car was smoking, just this past Monday we got stuck in New Hampshire had to have it towed all the way back to Holyoke, Mass cost us $437.00 piece of "JUNK" never buying another kia ever...never got the milliage they said either, 25 on highway 18 in city bunch of liars.....
bought van new in 2005, nothing but junk. air is weak,windows
wont go up and down, valve cover gaskets gone. replaced brakes
3 times. whats next. Dave in the Villages fla.
A/C, Heater, electrical & brakes are not good on this vehicle. Bought this van new. Right away the door locks were buzzing. Had to replce the actuator and now again in 2012. No problems for three years, then oxygen sensor went out & my van completely died on the freeway on ramp. At the time was still under warranty. Rattling sounds in the dash area lead to the motor mounts being replaced, after that continual A/C & heater problems. Have had the following replaced trying to correct the problems of it not being cold enough, blowing hot but not cold, then blowing cold but not hot:
A/C Idler pulley, Thermostat, sensor duct, A/C drive belt, Freon, Sensors, A/C actuator, blend door actuator, mix actuator, have all had to be replaced over the last 3 years. Now the air just went out again and I am being told it is the clutch. As for the brakes, they have squeeled since the day I drove it off the lot. No matter what type of brakes I put on, I can't get the problem to go away. Brakes have to be depressed hard to get decent braking power, and then it still isn't that great. in 2010 the ignition sensor went out which caused the rpm guage to go to 0 and the engine to misfire. I wrote this in August of 2012. I doubt I'll buy another Kia.
My van makes a noise when i put it into gear and when I stop,but not while I am driving. What can this be?
I own a 2005 Kia Sedona. Bought it new. Had it parked for a few years while I drove my 2007 Toyota Sienna. Bought a Toyota instead of a Kia because Kia customer service can't do much of anything to alliviate a problem with a dealership. The dealerships lie and cheat and customer service pretty much says, "OH Well". I now own a Kia piece of junk. A dealership ruined the engine or caused the already junky engeine to fall apart and of course it became my fault. I was lied to and cheated and kicked to the side. The Sedna has less than 75,00 miles on it. They said warranty want pay because oil changes need to be done every 3 months or so many miles. It was serviced when the dealership told me to come back. It was never said to bring it back in 3 months even if you have not driven it the number of miles listed. I am being help resposible for knowing the manual right down to the fine print. Way to go Kia. Well you saved on the engine but you lost repeat business. I will never buy another Kia. By the way, I had a 2000 Hyundai Sonata before this and done the same way. They eventually did put an engine in it but after a lot of blood sweat and tears. I was so stressed out. They are worth nothing on trade and I only got $$1800 for it in a private sale. Toyota is doing fine but intend to trade it for a new one soon.
I also bought a 2005 Kia Sedona brand new and at 72000 the engine started knocking. Oil was changed regularly. They want 200 to put it on the machine. My own experience with cars tells me that not enough iol is getting to the engine and it should be totally. Depending on how they treat me, this could be my first and last Kia.
We bought this van with 30k miles in clean condition. At yhe near end of the 60k mile warranty (the part that actually covers failures) the van lost all power and started missing. The dealer wanted $300 or so to change the plugs so they could figure out what was wrong with it. After doing some research of my own I found it was most likely a cam or ignition sensor. After yelling the dealer mech. this they changed the ignition sensor and the problem went away. But the check engine light would not stay off. So i changed the plugs to fix the problem. Probably caused from the bad sensor. I must warn you changing the rear 3 plugs is no easy task unless your mechanically inclined. You have to remove the upper intake to get to the plugs. We have also just been driving down the road and the doors lock or unlock on their own? I have changed the brakes 3 times in about 45k miles. Went to a harder ceramic/brass pad the last time and seem to do a much better job stopping and hopefully will last longer. I've also replaced the low beam bulbs 3 times (might be related to the doors/electrical). It was cheaper to buy the Kia but it wull be the last for the family, also.
We bought the 2005 kia sedona brand new. A week after buying it, the a/c stopped working. They 'fixed it' of course. But I gotta say, the a/c on this kia is the weakest we've ever felt. It never really blows full on cold air, but everytime we've taken it in they say it works fine. We thought we had a 100,000 mile warranty, but apparently 60,000 is 100% covered and the last 40,000 is power train only. 1,000 miles out of warranty a radiator hose blew and 5,000 later the TPS is now an issue. These are ALL issues kia is aware of with this model but will not fix. NO MORE KIAS FOR THIS FAMILY! :(
Excellent mini-van! Had it for four and a half years (bought it brand new) and NEVER had an issue with it. Just oil changes and regular dealer maintenance.
We have 55k on it and have replaced the brakes, and rack&pinion, overall the van is good and if you consider that at the year end sales you can purchase it for 10,000 cheeper than the compatition, it is the best value in vans. (we paid $18,995 loaded)
have put ALOT of money into this car/van. The electrical issues have been the worst. The doorlocks had a mind of their own.They would lock and unlock while driving or sitting still. I was actually afraid of getting locked in or out of my own vehicle whether I had the key or not!