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2004 Kia Sedona (14 Reviews)
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Kia will not stand behind their product. My sister bought a new one and the
check engine light came on. They told her it had the wrong oil filter on it. I am
an ASE master mechanic so I went to the dealership with her. They stood behind
this bogus story.
A friend has a Kia with the brake warning light on. I have read dozens of stories
of people with the same problem. Kia doesn't wire this system like everyone else.
I have a 2004 kia sedona. Bought in 2008. Has almost 240,000 miles and no problems. Normal maintenance and I still drive it. Its great in the snow so I cant complain. We do have to completely go through the front end due to going through wheel bearings every year but not surprising since we have driven alot in this van. Had a 1997 windstar before this and it was junk. Would buy another Sedona. Great van!
Not sure what is worse...vehicle or service no service not knowing how to repair and not standing behind their own product. Only thing I see Kia Service and Dealers at is blaming others for their garbage. I will never buy another and will and have passed the word out. The only thing I could see this vehicle good for is ?????? well let me get back to you on that because I couldn't think of one thing.
bought new in 04. over 92ooo miles, 50000 did brakes & struts
still running strong. disappointment would be gas mileage. not as good as caravan
Kia dealers give you a hard time about warranty items.
They try to blame it you.
Been having check enginge light come on for years, they never fix the problem, always charge crazy fee for some B.S. service, and light comes back on.
Service sucks.
I will never buy or recomend a Kia .
We bought our 2004 Sedona new and have driven the devil out of it. The only concern I've had is that it chews up front wheel bearings. Other than that there has not been any major issues. Would consider Kia for next purchase.
Will never buy a KIA again. Only bought this one because my other died in a snow storm and we were sharing my husbands corolla.. the engine light has been on for the last year.. had it checked and no one can find the problem. Have had to replace the rear heat pipes under the vehicle twice already.. (owned less than 3 yrs), it jerks so much and stalls. The drivers seat controls failed this is rusting in several spots.. the storage space is so small we can't even get our suitcases in to travel without removing one seat. I am now going through oil as fast as I am gas.
Purchased it used in 2007 and it has been nothing but trouble. Now I know why the owner got rid of it. Check engine light came on not too long after we purchased it and just recently changed the catalytic converter because of loss of power when accelerating up hill. Kia wanted $916 dollars for the converter, but thank goodness for after market Bosal parts. Spent $600 to repair the blend door so it would blow heat last year, but this winter the blend malfunctioned again. Automatic seat adjustment malfunctioned. Driver side rear window lost the screws so that it flaps in the wind. Was told today that I needed to replace the engine mounts and that something is wrong with the engine because there was build up in the oil. Totally worthless Kia! I'll never purchase another Kia!!!!!!!!!!!!
Van losses power at low or high speeds. Dash lights are blank. Van will stall at times or buck while in motion.
We have had this for 4 years and not one single problem! All our "issues" have been standard maintenance (new battery, brakes...etc). Nothing major! It has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.
We have 3 Kia's. One Sephia with 170 miles, cheap but still running.
One 2004 optimia with 90,000 miles going well
and one 2004 kia sedona minivan 50,000 miles engine just completely died-car is worthless. no warning or advance notice, we are shocked and dissappointed. we now need a car immediately.
Have had for a while plagued with electric problems, AC and heater blower problems.
I hate my van. I have put more then 12 front bearings on the passenger side. The dealer has even replaced the transmission thinking this was the problem. Still after 3 years of this I am still replacing bearings. I have been in contact with Kia and their rep Has tried to blame it on us. WAY TO STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCT!!! I tell everyone I know to stay away and give them our experience. If you have lots of money to waste...then buy a kia sedona.
good car have 69,000 had trans replaced
under warrenty paid for motel&food