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2003 Kia Sedona (5 Reviews)
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Bought used in 2005 with only 11K. No real problems till now (replaced rotors, axle and motor mount and it has check engine light on - scan says main problem is Catalytic - but not critical yet). Have had good AC/Heat till last summer when AC went out (pump broken - $950+- if I have it fixed). Haven't taken good care of this car either so I'm amazed it lasted this long. Door handles and other features are kind of cheaply made and break too easily.
I bought this minivan a year and a half ago. every 3-4 months it's in the shop for something. now for the 3rd time it's in for a loud vibration in the front right side when I start it up. I've replacwd the front brakes / rotors replaced a cracked manifold. the noise is getting louder and m mechanic says he can't find the problem. it's very annoying every time I start it up. I told him this time if he doesn't find/fix the problem I am getting rid of it! this van is costing me a lot of money that I don't want to spend on it. I am looking forward to dumping it in the spring or sooner!!
I'm sorry to read all the bad reviews on this van. I love mine (hate that I'm still paying on it - lol). Brought it certified in 2007 with 90k miles and other than the regular monthly maintenance, the only thing I've had to fix is the tie rods, but then I drive it like I'm in the Indy, my baby has some "get up" in her step. Every KS owner I run into here in town has nothing but praises for theirs too. I was blessed with a good vehicle -- Going to put it to the test with our first major road trip (michigan to NY - woo hoo). I'm confident that it will do just fine.
will never buy kia again either . replace alt and then belts break replaced belts now wont start at all wont even turn over. stupid thing is not even paid off yet didnt last the payments
this is the worst vehicle i ve ever bought and will not buy another kia