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2002 Kia Sedona (7 Reviews)
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At 208,000 miles, 2nd engine, replace 3 catalytic converters, rebuilt transmission, rebuilt 2nd engine, numerous body repairs, gear select cable mechanically froze, 3 alternators, 2 starters, 3 radiators, 4 a/c pumps, many new tires, many new CV joints, new front axles 2x, new front wheel bearing 2x, many brake pad and shoe replacements, new struts and strut mounts, replace headlight plastic 2x, replace interior blower fan and resistor 2x, replace front and rear windshield wiper motors, and today rear door stuck shut neither key nor auto unlock will unlock or activate door manual latch.

Nicest thing about this vehicle is it sits well and all the rear seats totally remove for substantial hauling, easily move a 1-2 person apt contents.

Clearly Kia for this model year had a quality control problem for component durability and a design issue keeping engine compartment tolerances so tight that substantial disassembly is required to change spark plugs or an alternator and best hope you don't have to pay labor to replace A/C compressor. An extra few inches of clear space around the engine would sure cut repair labor costs dramatically. Local Kia dealer parts are priced excessively, if you can afford time to shop online, most genuine Kia parts available mostly at half dealer price. All Kia dealers charge about $106 just to diagnose a repair problem, and then not always correctly. I went through 3x alternators, 3x starters and 2x batteries before I self identified the problem - - inadequate engine grounding. Once I put an $8 engine to negative battery cable on all the electrical issues were immediately resolved. If your Kia Sedona won't start, before replacing any parts, charge the battery and use a jumper cable between battery negative and engine block and see if it fixes problem. If so, install a permanent cable between engine and negative battery terminal.

To Kia's credit in more recent editions the engine displacement has increased, alternator capacity has increased, and starter power increased. Most of the changes are backward compatible even if not specifically stated as so.

To Kia detriment, durability in terms of how many engine hours between repairs is dismal. They simply need to buy or make more durably manufactured components. Much better reliability in Toyota and Honda and Nissan minivans.

There is no reason why Kia or any auto manufacturer could not offer a 300,000 mile warranty if durability was designed in and built in and suppliers held to task to deliver parts that don't break in ordinary usage.

Bought EX new in 2002. Has been great, no unusual repairs (brakes need to be replaced more often though - it is heavy). Has 125K miles, and just bought a new 2012 Sedona.
Kia gives you a 100k mile warranty, you will need every bit of it. My father in law, brother in law and mother in law all bought the same van (Kia Sedona) we can tell each other what will go wrong with the other because they all have the same issues. Seat belt latch light indicator won't work so the airbags won't deploy. Electrical problems, heater and air conditioning problems, rear hatch issues, wiper problems, headlight issues, front struts, and the list goes on and on. Cheap van but you pay more in the long run. I was told that because Kia repairs the issues under it's warranty they don't have to report those problems and therefore the dependability rating is inflated compared to an American built car. My next purchase will be a Ford!
Constant issues, never resolved. No one can find the issue.
2002 KIA Sedona would not buy another KIA forked out lots of money in repairs, not to mention I have to fork out 700 dollars for KIA to do major maintence every year. We bought a 2006 Toyota Tacomia and have not had any costly repairs (knock on wood) runs wonderful. We paid alot more for our Toyota but we never have issues with it, like out KIA. Major maintence is only around 400 dollars a year. I would buy a Toyotal next time.
hahhahahhahahhaha you serious.a ford the worst car youve ever owned.ahahhahahahhaha thats a good neidhbor has one of these Killed In Action's.the worst POS on the planet.its had 6 batteries 4 alternators and 4 transmissions.his friends mom has the same pos and the same problems.and there is no warranty.not to mention the airbags went off for no reason.nobody was in the car but he went to use the keyless entry and pop the airbags went off LMAO.dont buy a killed in action buy a FORD.
Good value for money. Some small problems fixed under warranty (great dealership). Only needed Alternator replacing at 80,000 miles. Usual Sedona problems with Air bag / light seatbelt. Has never let me down. I bought new to replace a Ford Windstar that was the worse car I ever owned.